Why the World is Leaning Towards Organic Baby Products

January 19, 2023 by No Comments

There’s simply no price you can place on our children’s health. Thankfully though, parents are now starting to realise what can influence our baby’s health.

Up until about 10 years ago, the international consumer market was bombarded by a constant wave of mass produced synthetic clothing and products that included harsh chemicals and toxins. Many parents weren’t actually aware that the presence of these was affecting their baby’s health, not to mention their own.

It’s only been over the past 5 years or so that parents have started making the transition to products that are made from organic, natural resources – all of which are healthy for the body and great for the environment.

Baby clothing and food in particular, have started to dominate the baby product industry and more and more parents are beginning to spend a little extra to give their children what is 100% naturally good for them, both inside and outside.

Organic food (ie. formula and cereal) has become very popular, as have most feeding-related baby products that are also made from natural sources. These include BPA-free baby bottles, pacifiers, teething rings, teats and cutlery. There are also natural feeding products for mothers, including breast pads, nipple cream.

Once they’re first introduced to these healthier baby products, most parents find it very hard to use anything that isn’t organic or natural. They’re also using things that are healthy for the skin like organic cloth nappies, baby wipes and face wipes. All of these can help resist allergy reactions and are great for their delicate skin in general. There are also other forms of natural and organic aromatherapy products, many of which are made from lavender, chamomile other plant type extracts. There’s also things like body lotion, cream, shampoo, moisturizer, bath and body wash and baby powder.

The clothing industry has come a long way since the days when people could only choose from traditional wool and synthetics. Parents were forced to avoid dressing their babies in wool, due to their skin irritability. In today’s market, there are many natural and organic baby clothing options, including merino wool, which is much softer, possum and organic cotton and even bamboo.

So before you pick something off the shelf for your babies, check to see what it’s made of and whether you think they’re actually going to promote good health for them. By opting for natural and organic baby products, you can’t go wrong.