Alkaline & Energy – Secrets Keys Toward Health in the Crohn’s Disease Diet

January 19, 2023 by No Comments

Emotional health, such as fatigue and stress, can only be fixed by the Crohn’s disease diet, for food is the source of ailment as well as health, a very holistic approach.

However, if such health is dependent on Crohn’s nutrition, then the right food choice is a must. Besides alkaline, unprocessed foods, and complex carbohydrates, there is also texture. Fiber has been a very scary obstacle for people searching for an answer, a Crohn’s disease diet. However, food with plenty of fiber may be important to Crohn’s nutrition, for it may be a source of alkalinity.

Broccoli is a perfect example. It is an alkaline full of nutrients that give off energy, vitamins, etc. Therefore, broccoli is a key stepping stone toward health in the Crohn’s disease diet. However, broccoli is as dense as it is healthy-it is hard, rough, and very fibrous, which may disturb the digestive track. It must be understood that when the digestive track acknowledges fiber, it actually widens a bit, allowing an easier bowel movement. In other words, fiber does not only act as floss for the intestines, but also aids in the digestive track to help itself by expanding.

However, broccoli may be boiled, steamed, baked, broiled, or simply cooked down to soften. This softening affect will destroy plenty of the fibers, which will not affect any inflammation, and therefore cause pain; fiber is important in the Crohn’s diet, but it must be used in moderation.

Density is also applied to nutrition; nutrient dense is a food full of nutrients. So, an example that is not too dense texture wise, or is soft, but is nutrient dense, or healthy, is salmon. Salmon is soft and easy to digest, which will not encourage flare ups, and is Crohn’s nutrition friendly as it provides protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other beneficial nutrients.

In general, an inverse “equation” may be used when deciding what foods to eat-a high nutrient density with a low texture density.

Earlier, complex carbohydrates were mentioned. Simple carbs create simple sugars that cause an overflow of bacteria-bad. However, the Crohn’s disease diet is not a low carb diet. Instead, it simply discourages simple carbs, meaning complex carbs are welcomed. So, brown rice, potatoes, and other complex carbohydrates are part of Crohn’s nutrition, and will give energy and satisfaction at the end of a meal.

It should be stressed that the Crohn’s diet is not meant for weight loss, but health gain. The only aspect of life that will be shed is pain, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle.