NLP for Coaches: Submodalities 102 – Like to Dislike for Food

January 19, 2023 by No Comments

How does it work?

I will tell you how it worked for my friend with the danishes. You can substitute another food for this process. The process as described below only applies to food, there are more things to consider when you are working with behaviors.

First let me explain Submodalities. Submodalities are a way our brain encodes our thinking. Let me show you. When you think about your favorite food, do you have a picture? Now, where is this picture located? Is it near or far, up or down, inside of you or outside? This is the Submodality of location. By being aware that the mind does this, we can create significant change quickly.

Knowing about location, we can work with a food that a person wants to no longer like. Here’s how:

1. Ask the person if they really want to stop liking the food. I was at an Italian club meeting, and one of the members asked me to help him get over a lasagna “addiction.” I had to ask if he really wanted to not like lasagna. He said no. Same with a cigarette smoker, they have to really want to stop liking it.

2. Then ask them, “when you think about how much you like to eat (danishes), do you have a picture?” The exact words are very important. Some sets of words in NLP are suggested because they help create the big changes, if you want results, memorize the words or read them from a script.

3. When they have a picture, ask them about the Submodalities. The main one is location (location, location, location). Next is color/black & white, then movie or still. Ask them fast, in rapid succession:

“Where is it, is it near, far, up down? Is it black & white or color? Is it a movie or a still?

Take note of where it is, and put your hand right where they say the picture is, ask them “right here?”

4. Then you will want to create a break state. Something that takes their mind of off the thing they like and “clears the screen.” Ask them if they smell popcorn, ask them if they heard that helicopter go by or the like.

5. Now ask them to think of something that is similar in texture to what they like too much, but something that they really can’t stand. An example for danishes could be a pork pie (she could not stand pork), or a danish with a topping that is totally revolting. If they like vanilla ice cream too much, perhaps they don’t like plain yogurt. The closer you get to the texture of the food, the better this will work.

6. As in #3 above, When they have a picture of what they dislike, ask them about the Submodalities. “Where is it, is it near, far, up down? Is it black & white or color? Is it a movie or a still?” Put your hand where the picture is of this food. Now, if the location is the same, you won’t have much success with this. Try another food that they dislike.

7. Create a break state as in #4.

8. Take your hand and put it where they keep the thought of the food they like and say, “I now move the danishes over here.” As you say this move your hand swiftly over to the location of the disliked food.

9. Create another break state.

10. Test it. Ask them to think about eating danishes. (or whatever food you were working on) Chances are they will be disgusted by it.