‘Yor Health’ Review – Is ‘Yor Health’ Just Another Wellness Company?

Is Yor Health just another wellness company? Is Yor Health just another direct distribution product that is destined to fail? Or could they actually be the next big thing? Let’s find out shall we?

With an up and coming boxer and a retired football player promoting this new supplement/weight loss company they should in theory get off to a good start. But is that the only thing they have going for them? They have a distributor program that seems solid enough but it is a little confusing to the casual individual that may be new to product distribution companies and/or direct sales. Before we get into that let’s talk about some key points to a company becoming successful.

1) A company has to have a solid business model with great leadership behind it. As far as the actual product is concerned Yor Health has very credible doctors and supporters of the product and it is a product that primarily focuses on weight loss, which is a major topic in the United States. The business model is also somewhat decent with a multiple amounts of ways to make money for any distributor that decides to sell the product and/or build a team. Though the system is point based but how to make the points or how many you need to gain levels can be a little confusing… Though it still remains a decent model.

2) A company needs strong supporting members in order to make it grow and function. In this instance I am not quite sure, but from the people that I know in the organization they seem to have a strong bases to hit the ground running. But can the members really market the product effectively? That is indeed one of the main questions that most will have for any start up company…

3) Finally a company must have a great target market in order to be successful. Well what better market to target then the over weight and the athlete which is what they truly seem to focus on, which is one of my favorite points about the company. They also have a few other products like vitamins and colon cleansing products but Yor Health’s target focus really does seem to be on the over weight and the training athlete, which is going to give it’s distributors a good market to thrive in if done correctly!

So in closing what do I think of Yor Health? I think this company has a very bright future and with the right marketing and sticking to the keys above I think that this company is going to be wonderful. With all of the training and tools that they give to their members you can’t help but be successful. So be on the look out for the next big Wellness Company Yor Health. I’m Princeton Washington signing off from this Yor Health Review.