Who Said Mediterranean Diet Recipes Are Boring? Not In Our Home

Mediterranean diet recipes are the answer to the diet food’s reputation for being tasteless. My wife and I try to be creative and find ways to make our food taste good. Wine, low sodium soy sauce, black pepper, lemon, garlic, and onions are just a few of the ways we spice up our cooking.

Whole Foods

Mediterranean cuisine as a whole includes lots of fresh and dry spices in its cooking. Combine this with fresh ingredients and you have the most exciting recipes. Using whole fresh foods is important to us. We prefer to eliminate all processed, colored, flavored, and preserved foods from our diet, and therefore put less chemicals in our bodies.

My research has thought me that all the processes that food goes through modify and even destroy its molecular structure. It simply means that some or most of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which these foods possess naturally are lost.


My wife does most of the cooking. However, I like cooking as well and I prepare a meal a few times a week. My specialty is salads. I love experimenting with new combinations. I add to salads ingredients you wouldn’t thing of adding like: parsley, pine nuts, kohlrabi, red radishes, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Sometimes we make a meal of it by adding strips of chicken breast, tuna, or salmon.


We love soups, especially during the winter when we want to warm up. Sometimes the soup becomes a meal by itself, like our bean soup With chicken. We combine it with a salad, a few slices of dark bread, and humus or sesame sauce to spread or dip the bread.

Main Dishes

Main dishes are my wife’s specialty. She mostly makes dishes that are simple and easy to prepare. she cooks chicken and fish in a variety of ways. Chicken and fish are our main sources of meat, and we eat either one of them a few times a week. We eat beef every so often, maybe once or twice a month. Other main dishes include: lasagna, casseroles, stir fries with or without chicken, pizza, pasta, quiche and shakshuka (Egg and tomatoes dish, tasty!).

Side Dishes

Our recipes for side dishes include a variety grains. Brown and wild rice cooked in different ways including our rice and lentil dish. Other grains include: kasha, quinua, barley, millet, wheat, and buckwheat. We also like steamed and baked vegetables, garlic bread, mashed potatoes, and baked potato chunks.

Our collection of recipes keeps on growing as we are explorers by nature, and maybe one of these days we’ll have our own cookbook of all the Mediterranean diet recipes.