Which Is Healthier, to Skip Breakfast or Just Eat Something Fast and Sweet?

I’m sure there were so many times you have been reminded to start your day off right eating a healthy breakfast but we just, at times, do not have the time. Also, how many times have you felt rushed in the morning and held off on eating any breakfast before your lunch time? Does this apply to you?

However, when we skip the usual morning meal, we’re all too easily tempted by the chocolate doughnut at work or those cinnamon rolls at Krispy Kreme. But, at times, we ask ourselves, Is it better for our health to skip those sugary treats and skip breakfast altogether, or pick up a dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme when we rush out of the house in the mornings, so many times?

The fact is, when we skip breakfast, all we are doing is just adding damage to our bodies.

It’s better to eat something than nothing in the morning, because as the day drags on, performing even the simplest of tasks becomes exhausting and stressful on the body.

The goods sides of eating breakfast helps reduce risk of obesity, since most of us today are very health conscious anyway.

Although a doughnut isn’t the best thing for your body, it will shake up your metabolism, helping your body and brain get started in the mornings. The truth remains if you eat nothing, chances are you will feel tired, grumpy and you will have low energy during your morning hours making your day feeling blah.

Once in a while there is no harm to go healthy to make that doughnut or cinnamon roll craving that you are debating to have much healthier. Just choose an option that’s higher in protein or fat. That way you will not have the side effects of being on a sugar high.

Instead, go for a healthier route. Instead of those sweet cravings, eat a slice of whole-grain toast topped with cinnamon might satisfy your craving. Don’t add any butter to your toast. Just sprinkle it lightly with quality cinnamon without that added sugar.

Yes, fruit might not be the first thing to come to mind as a doughnut alternative, but it will also, in turn, satisfy a sweet craving. Select several fresh fruits and cut them into bite-size pieces. Since fruits have natural sugars, there’s no need for sweeteners or excess calories.

If you have the chance, but if you’re just not hungry in the morning, don’t panic. There are some benefits to miss a morning meal as well. However, in the end, eating a consistent and healthy breakfast is most likely the best way to ensure optimal health and good levels of energy. So without being rushed in the mornings, try your best to change your morning routines to help get yourself up on time to eat your breakfast. Good luck!