When the Best Skin Creams Are Natural Skin Care Cream

March 15, 2023 by No Comments

What are “natural” skin care creams and when are they your best choice? Natural creams contain ingredients that come from nature such as pulp or herbal extracts as opposed to chemicals and fragrances that can irritate your skin. Depending on your skin type, different products will work better for you than they will for other types. You need to determine your skin type before you can choose the best natural cream for you.

There are basically five different types of complexion skin types: Dry, Oily, Normal, Combination, and Sensitive. Dry skin usually has fine pores and rarely blemishes. This type usually burns easily and normally appears taut and flaky and easily develops lines, especially around eyes and mouth.

Oily skin, on the other hand, doesn’t wrinkle easily, feels soft and supple and tans easily. Oil often becomes visible through the day with frequent blemishes occurring on the nose and chin where pores are enlarged. Normal skin is just that, normal. Pores are neither too fine or enlarged and tans easily except with overexposure to the sun. Some lines may form, but not in excess.

Sensitive skin is often the most problematic skin to keep healthy looking and the type for which natural skin care cream is most useful. Although pore size is average, blemishes may occur in response to antagonists. This type burns easily and becomes inflamed as well. It will not wrinkle excessive, but will often appear as being red, irritated, flaky, or itchy.

Although some people have normal skin, it is rarely 100% so. There is almost always a tendency towards dry or oily skin. If you are fortunate enough to have this type, then the best skin creams for you are those that perform the most basic treatments to keep your skin at its natural best. Cleanse, exfoliate, protect, and moisturize.

Don’t think that you don’t need a moisturizer cream just because you have oily skin.
If you have oily skin, then you need to find a skin care cream that fights blemishes and helps prevent acne problems. Stay away from products that contain alcohols. Even though this used to be the most suggested type of astringent for oily skin, experts now know that alcohols will only dry your skin and cause it to produce even more oil. Lemon, Avocado, and Ginseng are in some good choices for soothing oily skin.

Of course, if you have dry skin you know that your skin requires a lot of moisturizing power to protect it from damage. Be careful about using toners and cleansers. They should be formulated specifically for you skin type. Some of the best choices for your skin care will contain papaya or rose milk. Don’t use a lotion since a crème is heavier and provides more protection for your skin.

The ingredients in skin care cream for sensitive skin aren’t as important as the number of ingredients. If you find a certain type of product that works well for you, stick with it. The more ingredients there are, the more likely you are to have a problem with the product. The skin creams for you are those that offer simplicity and are formulated with sensitive skin in mind.

For those that have combination skin that means the “t-zone” across the forehead and down the nose and chin is usually oily while the rest of the face is either normal or dry. It would be tedious at best to have to treat these areas with different types of products and most of us would probably fail to keep up the needed treatment for our skin. The best skin creams for you are going to be those that are specially formulated for combination skin. These products will not contain oils that add to the oily areas, but will provide moisture that can be tolerated by both the oily and the dry or normal areas.

Natural skin care is always a more beneficial way to treat your skin, no matter what your skin type. There are no harsh chemicals or unnecessary perfumes to harm your skin and the positive results are most likely to be obtained by using natural skin care cream for your skin care type.