The New And Approved Gina Curl

April 20, 2023 by No Comments

Natural Hair Styling

The trend of switching from chemical to natural doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all! But are salons keeping up on their skills in maintaining those clients looking to make the transition? Clients want to try their hand at going natural but some do not realize the care they must take to ensure their hair remains healthy and strong. Some of the issues that come up are breakage, problem scalp and daily styling.

If you’re thinking of going natural, make sure you receive regular moisture treatments and protein treatments for the hair that still has chemical. Natural hair may mean more product to define curls and control frizz. More product usage means more cleansing. Product build up can lead to dry itchy scalps. Getting a thorough hair and scalp cleansing is a must.

All this work can seem daunting, especially for those clients who don’t know how to care for their hair and do not style much on their own. They like the idea of having their curls back but are afraid of being unable to manage it.

Now we have a solution to all the hard work needed in keeping up with natural tightly coiled hair, product costs, dry and sometimes a bad odored scalp cause by a rushed and improper shampoo.

The New and Improved Gina Curl

Easier to Manage Hair

Choose the Curl you are Looking For

The New and Improved Gina Curl is in the chemical family of the Japanese Straightening, but provides more freedom.

It’s a three-step process. The first step “Thioglycolate” softens the bonds of the hair.

The second step “rod set” puts the hair in the set pattern you are looking for and the third step is the “oxidizer” puts the bonds back together. The new and improved Gina Curl restructures the hair molecules to reduce frizzvolume, making the hair softer, smoother, shinier, with a curly that is more manageable and moisture balanced.

The New and Improved Gina Curl is an alternative to formaldehyde smoothing systems, sodium hydroxide relaxers and other harsh chemical services, allowing you to have a soft curl pattern. This is similar to a Thermal Reconditioning but requires a rod set instead of the use of blow dryer or flat iron during a Thermal Recondition process.

Eliminates overlapping when doing a retouch curl.

Helps the stylist to apply the best strength to the areas of the head that have uneven porosity or other chemicals present.

Does not burn.

Stylist can take their time applying the solution.

The shine and manageability is unbelievable.

Less time needed for styling.

Less product needed.

Hair will retain it’s elasticity

Like the Japanese Straightening, The New and Improved Gina Curl does require more time than the previous Gina Curl. It takes anywhere between 3-4 hours, which includes processing, drying time under a dryer and neutralizing.

Your hair will retain its elasticity, giving you more time for stretching out your chemical services. You would more than likely only need to have the roots touched up a maximum of three to four times a year.

Your new hair will grow in with your original texture, but the difference between your new growth and your treated hair will blend in and the good news is there will be no breakage as it’s growing out. It is safe to switch from The New and Improved Gina Curl and the Straight Variation method to a Thermal Reconditioning. Clients with relaxer won’t be able to obtain a full curl. The New and Improved Gina Curl will only be applied to new growth but this process will soften and curl the natural roots.