The Good Side of Processed Food

January 24, 2023 by No Comments

Processed food includes food stuff that has been altered from its natural condition for safety concerns and also for convenience. Sometimes we think that processed foods are bad but it is just a one big misconception among the people in general and processed food is as good as any other food product. Let’s take an example of milk. It should be called a processed food as it is pasteurized and homogenized. Some prefer to use raw milk and some, in fact most of us prefer its processed form that is available in our grocery shop and self-service stores.

Another very strong point to prove that processed food is not bad is the frozen vegetables. Many of us believe that fresh vegetables are the best but let me inform you that freezing of these vegetables preserves vitamins and minerals which means they are more nutritious than the fresh ones. Fruits and vegetables juices also very healthy processed food as all of them are equipped with extra calcium which makes them even more nutritious. The methods used for processing food include canning, freezing, refrigeration, dehydration and aseptic process. Let’s discuss canning.

Canning is a method to preserve or process food very effectively. This process is done by first packing the processed food in a airtight jars, bottles and pouches and then heating them in a temperature that have the power to abolish harmful and infectious micro-organisms. Because of problems shown by clostridium botulinum and some other pathogens it is always said that the safest method to can any food item is under the conditions of very high heat and pressure. Normally, at the time of canning any processed food the temperature is about 240 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The most famous canned food products include vegetables, meats, sea foods, poultry and some dairy products. The only food items which can be canned without using high pressure and temperature are the food which are high in acidic content for example pickles and some vegetables to which acids can be added.

The history of canning processed food goes back to 1809 when a French confectioner used the first vacuum jar made of glass. After some time glass jars were replaced by tins and wrought iron canisters [short name cans]. These cans gained instant popularity as these were cheaper, quicker to make and far more flexible and durable than those breakable glass jars. The airtight nature of these cans and tins plays a vital role in keeping it bacteria free and food packed inside. Double seem technique is used and the cans containing double seem are popularly called sanitary cans.

Processed food or so called pre-packed food products are very convenient are even more popular among today’s people. If you buy too much of processed food then make sure that you are always selecting the products that contain less sodium content, no trans-fat at all, more portion of whole grains and most importantly less calories. Always look at the serving size also and prefer eating this processed food with fresh made salads, some whole grain bread and lots of water.