The Best Eye Cream For Dry Scaly Skin

March 17, 2023 by No Comments

You surely need to learn how to effectively filter out harmful products in the market. There must be good criteria in selecting the best eye cream from a pile of many brands and products.

First, you need to learn about what could harm your skin. Harmful eye creams for dry scaly skin are containing harmful ingredients that unfortunately are widely used today in most commercial skincare products. Some of the harmful and avoidable ingredients include mineral oil, fragrance, petrolatum, parabens, alcohol, and dioxanes. These harsh ingredients only nullify the good effects of products’ active ingredients.

Such harmful ingredients are very harmful that they could even interfere with numerous systems in your body like the endocrine, reproductive, and nervous systems. Most of such ingredients are even carcinogenic; meaning they could pose devastating effects to overall health after long-term usage. If you are intending to find and use only the best eye cream for dry scaly skin, you have to clear yourself from such harmful ingredients.

Take note that the skin around and below your eyes is highly sensitive. That is why you should treat it with utmost care. You should not use just mundane moisturizers for treating dry skin below your eyes. In fact, it is not advisable to apply your regular facial cream or wash into the area because they may already be too harsh to bring about adverse effects.

The area around and below your eyes is made up of thin membranes. Harsh skincare products could easily damage the skin in the area. There must be separate eye creams used. This way, you would also avoid posing adverse risks into the eyes.

As mentioned, there are harsh and harmful ingredients that your eye cream for dry scaly skin must not contain. On the other side, there are good and ideal skincare ingredients that usually constitute safe, effective, and recommended eye creams. Here are some of those active ingredients.

Babassu wax is a good and subtle skin moisturizer. It does not lead to unwanted skin oiliness. The wax is usually extracted from Babassu tree. It has been used traditionally for treating inflamed and itchy skin. This ingredient could help effectively retain the skin’s natural moisture.

Haloxyl is effective in attacking and eliminating the main cause of dark circles and eye bags. It is inhibiting accumulation of harsh and unused products (or ingredients) in the skin under the eyes. There have been studies that proved the effectiveness of Haloxyl in reducing and eliminating eye bags compared to other more hyped ingredients.

Crodamol CAP works as a good skin emollient. It protects the skin in the area around and under the eyes. To do so, this substance forms a thin and invisible film that virtually keeps off grime and dirt.

These good ingredients in eye creams for dry scaly skin have natural bases. As such, they do not pose adverse side effects. Needless to say, they are miles better than synthetic and chemical preparations. Make sure your eye cream contains them.