Skin Care – The Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin

March 22, 2023 by No Comments

Oily skin?. Read our top 5 tried and tested moisturisers for oily skin. Combat shiny T-Zone, combination skin and acne prone oily skin.

Many people struggle with an oily skin type. Rectifying this problem and controlling shine could be as simple as switching to an organic moisturiser especially formulated for your skin type. Choose from our list of organic skin care for the best tried and tested options.

  1. Best for Oily T-Zone with Drier Skin Elsewhere – Amala Beauty Purifying Gel Moisturiser. If you have dry cheeks and an oily forehead and nose this is the moisturiser for you. This product has been formulated to target an the T-Zone balancing it back to a healthy matte finish, whilst not drying out the rest of the face. Containing 70% certified organic ingredients including Rice Germ and Blue Lotus, any breakouts are quickly treated and calmed. Reduces associated redness and inflammation too.
  2. Best for Hot Summer Months – Dr Alkaitis Soothing Gel. This product is a lightweight solution to calm inflammatory conditions often associated with excess oil. The perfect light moisturiser in the heat of summer. This organic skin care corrects the individual balance of the skin of each user to bring it to optimum health.
  3. Best for Skin that is Shining by Lunchtime – Stem Organics Balancing Face Fluid. This light non-greasy organic moisturiser for oilier skins reduces the dreaded shine and helps balance skin long term. Black Willow Bark has potent anti-microbial properties that banish any spots if they are a problem.
  4. Best for Normal to Combination Skin – Suki Skincare Balancing Day Lotion. The star feature of this greaseless lotion is a powerful anti-inflammatory action from white willow. This is great for skin that is slightly oily with the odd spot. The formulation is so light it won’t clog pores.
  5. Best Matte Finish on Young Skin – Pai Geranium & Thistle Moisturiser. Lightweight, cooling and matte this moisturiser contains 70% organic skin care ingredients and omega 6 which helps reduce large pores.

Special mention goes to Amala Beauty Purifying Mattifier. This is an oily skin must have. Leaves a matte finish on even the most oily skin in seconds. Reapply through out the day on very hot days or use as a make-up primer. Oily skin may be a problem now but rest assured as you age this is the more desirable skin type to have. Oil protects the skin from ageing prematurely so in 20 years time you’ll be glad your skin was a little oily!