Shopping For Clay Baker Cookware – Three Points to Remember!

If you are in the market for clay baker cookware, look for a location that offers breadth, variety, and qualtiy. Start with locations where you will find a large selection of both Romertopf and Schlemmertopf.

  1. First, consider how your will use your clay baker. Are you looking for versatility? Do you want to purchase one which can be used for many different meals and purposes? If this is the case, you may want to consider the Romertopf Model 01222, the 6-8 pound capacity baker. This vessel is roughly the size of a traditional 9 x 13 pan, so it accommodates many of your casserole and dessert recipes. It can also hold a roast or chicken with accompanying vegetables. Smaller pots are available, designed to prepare meals for two to four people. Or if your requirements are for a larger crowd or a larger meal, consider the larger sizes offered — all the way up to a turkey roaster which will hpld a 17 to 20 pound turkey with trimmings!

  2. Second; are you looking primarily for a bread or pastry baker? You may want to take a closer look at the various sizes and shapes of Romertopf bread bakers available. They produce beautifully browned loaves on the outside, soft and delicious inside.Many experienced bread bakers will tell you that the crust is the most important aspect of a good loaf of bread. The unique moisture-infusing properties of the clay baker create the perfectly crispy crust, just begging for melted butter or jam. Homemade bread beckons us back to the palate-fresh memories of our childhood, and you can recreate them with your clay baker and your favorite bread recipe.

  3. Third; are you an imaginative cook, interested in cooking your favorite foods in a new and healthful way? Then be sure to check out some of the unique clay baker cookware alternatives. Of special note are the fish baker and the chicken bakers. The fish baker is longer than the traditional Romertopf so that an entire fish or fillet can be laid in it lengthwise. It is designed to retain the moisture and the delicate flavor of the fish. The chicken bakers are designed to cook chicken in a vertical position, so it cooks evenly and crispy. There is space at the bottom of the pot to place vegetables, which are flavored by the delicious juices of the chicken.

These traditional clay pots will expand your cooking repertoire. You will easily create healthier more nutritious variations of you favorite recipes and learn or create some new ones as well The results will be tempting dishes that will draw your family and guests to the table.