See the Natural Wonders of Uganda and Rwanda

You could take a vacation and relax – or you could travel to an exotic location and live. Uganda and Rwanda are not the standard, run-of-the-mill destinations; they each offer incredible opportunities and experiences. From tracking gorillas to trekking through volcanoes, you will find these proud nations to be rich, diverse, unique, and unforgettable.

What can you expect from Uganda and Rwanda? Excitement, lush color, spectacular scenery – and gorillas! One of the biggest attractions to this African country is its large population of rare gorillas. At several areas of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, for instance, there are “habituated” families of these “gentle giants.” The Mubare group, for instance, was the first to be habituated to visitors; they have been accustomed to seeing humans for almost 20 years. While there is never a guarantee with wild animals, these are used to humans and allow a fascinating glimpse into their lifestyle.

Uganda and Rwanda are home to 75 percent of the Mountain Gorillas in the world – but there is so much more to see. This is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, and you will have the opportunity to look for chimpanzee, golden monkeys, lions, leopards, water buffalo, elephants, and much more.

While most people visit places like the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for the gorillas, they will find much more to enchant them. There are over 120 species of animal, including the rare forest elephant, 350 bird species, and acres of lush, dense forest.

Rwanda is no one’s second choice for biodiversity and incredible natural attractions. The Nyungwe Forest, for instance, protects the biggest tract of montane forest in East or Central Africa. With 75 mammal species, 120 butterfly species, 275 bird species, and over 100 different varieties of orchid, Nyungwe is a treat for any adventure traveler or nature lover. Another must for visitors is the Musanze Cave. It stretches about 2 kilometers in length and has an entrance that is the size of a cathedral. It is home to a large colony of bats and features a natural bridge formed from lava. As impressive as it is, the Musanze Cave also plays a role in Rwanda’s past and is a somber, quiet place, fit for reflection – on nature, on Rwanda, on your adventure.

Uganda and Rwanda are bursting with life; plants, animals, and birds thrive here in numbers that put other regions of the world to shame.