Pubic Topiary – The Brazilian Landing Strip is So Passe!

Long gone are the days when having a Brazilian bikini wax was considered daring. Nowadays, the landing strip is considered de rigueur among certain sections of the population, leaving the rest of the pubic area completely smooth and hair free. It is even becoming increasingly popular to get rid of this last strip of pubic hair, thereby making way for the completely-bare ‘Hollywood’ wax. For many, however, the idea of taking it all off is still one step too far although interestingly, waxing clients are requesting more creativity. For this reason, pubic hair dyes and stencils are becoming increasingly popular, in a practice that can be referred to as ‘pubic topiary’.

Waxing salons report that, generally speaking, stencils are more popular among their younger clientele, typically those under 30 years of age. This is of course the generation that is already used to a high level of customisation of everything from their mobile telephones to their cars, with runarounds such as the Mini and the Fiat 500 specifically targeting younger buyers with their personalisation options. So it could be considered a natural next step for young people to personalise their private parts as well!

The most popular stencil shapes are hearts, especially around Valentine’s Day, when they are often combined with a red or pink hair dye. The finished effect can be really quite striking. Other popular stencils are arrows (pointing downwards – of course), X shapes, stars, lightning bolts, and even bow ties and tulips! Brides will often go for a horseshoe, dyed blue, while some waxing salons that specialise in these services will even agree to bespoke stencils. Often customers request the initial(s) of the ‘other’ person who will get to see the finished work of art! Temporary hair dyes in an array of colours can quickly and effectively complete the look, which can be further enhanced by glitter spray, should the customers still not feel satisfied that they have yet done enough to differentiate their privates from someone else’s!

Pubic topiary also has a more serious side. In addition to the myriad of fun temporary colours and glitter sprays that are often used to enhance the stencil shapes, permanent hair dyes designed specifically for pubic hair are now available. These are gaining popularity across the whole age spectrum of both men and women. Permanent hair dyes come in a range of serious and ‘fun’ colours, including various shades of brown, blonde and copper for those going for the more natural look, as well as colours such as ‘hot red,’ ‘sexy pink’ and ‘brazen blue’ for those fancying a more radical change. Because permanent pubic hair dyes generally last for 6 – 8 weeks, and cover up grey hairs, they are especially popular among the older man and woman, particularly those who might be recently separated and back on the dating game.

It’s fair to say that for all ages and types of the population, whether young or old or male or female, there really is a whole new world out there of pubic topiary options just waiting to be discovered!