Noise Pollution and Its Health Effects

March 22, 2023 by No Comments

I’m good at my profession because I have a fire to learn and be knowledgeable. Often I will start with a thinking and from there in will go on to research, interview, research, testing, research, research, research.

When I actually have a problem I find the remedy for it. When people don’t accept my conditions they call me Mr. Fix It or Mr. Know-it-all.

One friend likes to play a game with me where she will “nutshell” a problem and ask me to find the cause with very little to go on. For example, she recently told me that her friend who lives by an airport suffers from high blood pressure.

I cant tell her that this is exactly the problem.Once these are confirmed the key reason can easily be found. I also need additional information about her health problem, age and the way of living.

Airports always have more sound. Noise can also be a reason for one’s health problem. I used my strategies to find what the problem exactly is. I came to know the health problems that are caused by noise pollution.

Environmental Noise is otherwise called Noise Pollution. Unbearable noise made by humans, machines and animals are called as environmental noise.

At 120 decibels, ear pain can be felt.If it is 85 decibels we will not be able to hear. This causes tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and hearing loss.We will not be able to sleep if we hear noise at 45 decibels.

Loud people, barking dog or loud stereo system need not cause hearing loss but can cause irritation and fury.

Noise originates from cars, trains, airplanes, factory machinery and construction machinery.

Though people do not listen to noise for a long time, they get high blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to sleeplessness, digestion problems, mental problems and memory loss.

The place doesn’t matter. Whether it is the workplace or home, health issues do come. The issues can be deafness, mental sickness, heart problems, ulcers.

The U.S. does have some laws managing the noise pollution. But it varies from state to state and city to city. There are also some states with no laws as most of them do not think it’s a health issue.

Many steps can be taken and house can be kept free from noise. Avoiding noise one main thing.

Well, I don’t offer those tools, but what I offer is my natural program that can regulate your high blood pressure. The program is designed in such a way that it reverses the stress, which is caused due to high noise and thus lowering the high blood pressure.