Natural Acne Cure – Can Bath In Sulphur Springs Treat Acne?

March 8, 2023 by No Comments

In village Vajreshwari (Dist:Thane-Maharashtra-India), there are many hot springs. The water almost boils when it comes out of the outlets from the earth. Continuous flow of water from the springs has resulted in small pond-like formations nearby. There are several of them. The water is yellow-brown and it smells of sulphur. All sorts of skin disorders, including acne can be cured there. It is not believed so, it actually happens! The modern medical specialists also, regard sulphur as one of the important products in the treatment of acne.

By taking bath in sulphur springs, you can not only cure your acne condition, many chronic diseases like rheumatism, gout, arthritis and much more may also wither away. But you need to take regular baths in these springs. They are many in number. Vajreshwari is about 75 kilometers from old Mumbai. At a time, take bath in the springs for not more than 20 minutes, as otherwise, you may feel too dizzy on account of the sulphur effect and its smell.

The best part of taking acne treatment, here in the Vajreshwari sulphur springs is that the treatment is free. You may take bath, any number of times. Cheap and good hotels are available nearby.

Decades ago, Vajreshwari was a sleepy village. As the authentic news about the curative power of the sulphur springs spread, Vajresjwari has become a tourist spot. As you drive down from the stretch of farms and villages and arrive at Vajreshwari, you feel that you have suddenly come from the middle age to the modern age. That’s what the medical tourism does to a place! The very beauty of the spot will remove all the stress in you. One of the contributing factors to acne is stress– isn’t it?

You always get sick from within to with-out. Never from with-out to within! Take the example of pimples. They don’t come from foreign region and land on your skin and then try to go inside your body, piercing the skin. But the reverse is true.

They sprout on the skin due to an internal disorder. If your actual trouble is internal, what can the external medications do? It may give you some psychological satisfaction, but genuine cure is impossible. The fire is somewhere else. You are pressing the fire extinguisher elsewhere.

Acne can be treated in the most natural way, and this facility is naturally available in India. You may try these spring baths and check the authenticity of the treatment for yourself. For it is not a prescribed method to treat acne. But then, the nature has got its own healing properties!