Natox – Natural Botox by Richie Brown

Natox is becoming an increasingly popular new natural way in 2012 to gain younger looking skin again.

Endorsed by beauty expert and editor of the Sun newspaper in the UK Sue Moxley, Natox is the creation by Richie Brown and is argued to work particularly well on the lines on your forehead – frown lines.

However, as a natural alternative to Botox, so no needles, no pain, no side effects, Natox provides a discreet and natural way to reduce lines and wrinkles.

With more than 6 years of pharmaceutical double blind placebo controlled studies, significant advancements in the science behind the treatment of rhytids – wrinkles – has led Natox to help pioneer many of the latest revolutions you will see from advanced organic skin ingredients.

The beauty industry generates billions of dollars in revenue each year so competition is fierce, but Natox and other skin cream manufacturers are all too aware that customers are much more knowledgeable when choosing the right ingredients, while not paying over the top prices simply because of the brand name and their advertising costs.

How Natox Works:

By replicating the effects of Botox, it penetrates your skin, directly targeting the nerves and muscles below your skin cell tissue which cause your skin to wrinkle and crease.

It’s important to note that Natox has been developed over the last six years to do what Botox achieves just without the painful trauma of needles penetrating the face, high costs and potential disfigurement.

It specifically targets frown lines and eye rhytids by using electromagnetically charged particles to relax nerve endings which softens the frown lines making the skin appear tighter.

What’s refreshing about Natox is that you have two month trial period before deciding if it’s for you or not – one of the advantages of having an online skin care beauty store as you avoid the high retail costs.

Natox marked its debut at Selfridges in London in 2012.

Natox Benefits:

To avoid hyping this product up however, here is how Natox claims it will replicate Botox.

  • Radiate your complexion
  • Advance your skin clarity
  • Increase your skins elasticity
  • Instantly hydrate the skin
  • Smooth and soften the skin
  • Accelerate collagen productivity

Natox is 100% organic and natural, it is not tested on animals and all skin care trials were controlled double blind placebo studies carried out at Phend Pharmaceutical Clinic in the UK – you can view their website to read more about these studies.

Natox is still unfortunately only available online globally, as it is just currently stocked in UK stores.