More Skin Care Tips That You Can Use to Improve Your skin

March 10, 2023 by No Comments

I suppose most of you have read those articles about the best tips for having beautiful skin. You eagerly start to read the article only to find out it is the same ol’ tips you always hear about for healthy skin and your health in general. These tips like, eat fruits and vegetables, wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water and not smoking are all very good advice if you want nice, healthy skin; but in this article, we are expanding the list.

Here are some more tips and skin care techniques to help you on your way to younger looking skin.

Layering on Anti-Aging Skin Care Products in the Correct Order

To maximize the benefits of skin care products, they should be layered on in a certain order. Applying products in the wrong order will diminish their benefits. A heavy cream applied before a lighter serum will block the absorption of a lighter serum and not allow it to work on your skin. Putting your skin care products on in the correct order will go a long way towards helping the products to work.

So after cleansing your face, apply your skin care products in the following order:

  • Toners, acne pads or light peel pads for exfoliating which are the most liquid and usually clear.
  • Serums or gels which are thicker than liquids but not yet creamy.
  • Lotions which are somewhat thicker than liquids and usually milky. May be moisturizers with or without sunscreen or exfoliating acid lotions.
  • Creams which are thicker, heavier and won’t spill out of a jar.
  • Ointments which are usually petrolatum-based solids like Vaseline.

Tips for Applying Skin Care Products

  • Warm, moist skin allows for skin care products to absorb into the skin best but…
  • If you are applying anything oily that could block pores, rinse skin with cool water first to close pores.
  • After applying skin care products, stimulate the skin by tapping for 30 seconds. This increases circulation and absorption.
  • Do not stretch your skin when applying products. Use short strokes.
  • Don’t forget your neck area. Make sure to apply your face products to your neck also. Your neck will age too.
  • Apply sunscreen to the back of your hands. It will keep away those ugly brown spots. Just put a dab of sunscreen on the back of one hand and use the back of the other hand to massage it in. This way you don’t have sunscreen on your palms.

More General Skin Care Techniques

  • To keep away those dreaded crow’s feet – wear sunglasses when outside and don’t squint! That repeated squinting will really speed up the appearance of crow’s feet. Wearing sunglasses will help you not to squint and also protect your eyes from UV radiation.
  • Always use a good lip balm with SPF sun protection. Your lips will naturally thin with age, so protecting them from the sun is very important as you don’t wait to speed up the process. Also, it will help keep your lips moist which is all good.
  • To help hide those little lines, look for moisturizers or foundations with light reflecting particles. They will reflect light from the lines instead of into them.
  • In you live in a dry place, especially in winter, try using a humidifier to help keep your skin moist. House plants also help with maintaining inside humidity.
  • Take warm – not hot – showers. The hot water is more drying to your skin.
  • Avoid the direct heat from blow dryers on your face.
  • Take a good daily multi-vitamin. Your skin needs it.
  • Be skeptical about the products you buy. Only believe about ½ the hype advertised. Look for products that guarantee what they advertise with a good return policy.

Skin care takes a little work, but it is well worth the effort. Healthy skin is a sign of a healthy person and helps instill personal confidence. Follow these tips with the right skin care products and better skin will be yours soon.