Migration to Australia From India – Now Easy As Abc

Australia, the land famous for serenity and less concrete has often been considered the first preference for vacation and a short term leisure stay. But, with the increasing developments and the sky touching skylines, this land is now idealized as a dream home for many Indian families. In hunt for better prospects and a lavish lifestyle, nearly 5 lakh Indians file for a visa to Australia each year and strive on their luck for a successful Australia immigration.

Why Australia for long-time stay?

For Indians, Australia is a perfect place to dwell. When you move to Australia, no matter whichever state or territory you choose to relocate, the Australia crowd gives you their best support to make the place comfortable. Certainly, they provide all support to make you feel the place homely.

Another good reason for Indians to consider Australia is the Australian government. Along with its citizens, the government of Australia makes the place perfect to dwell, without any restrictions or constraints. The government has designed a visa program by which professionals with skills and good caliber can move to the country and enjoy all rights equal to that of citizens. This visa program is called Permanent Residency.

Upon gaining this permanent residency status, the government makes it even easier and cozy for professionals by offering long term stay and work rights, free education for kids, free medical and healthcare for entire family and most importantly, marks PR holders as high priority for best profile jobs.

Moreover, on completion of four years of successful stay in Australia, the Australian government provides PR holders a benefit of extending their stay by applying for Australian citizenship.

What is a Permanent Resident Visa?

A Permanent Resident Visa is an official permit issued to eligible candidates to stay, work and settle in Australia without any restriction. If you have successfully obtained this visa, then there are plenty of benefits you would be enjoying as Australian permanent residents. Depending upon your eligibility criteria and source of Australia immigration, you can apply for any of the following visa programs:

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)– If you believe that you have high skills, apt work experience and best core human capital factors, you can gain PR through this visa.

Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)– If you believe that you have skills that meet the requirements of a specific Australian state, you can apply for a state nomination through this visa.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)– If you have any relative residing in any region of Australia and wishes to sponsor you, you can apply for PR under this program.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476)– If you are fresh Engineering graduate with no work experience, you can initially apply for a visa grant under this program followed by Australia PR in future.

Is Australia PR visa easy for you?

Certainly it is; provided that you have an age less than 40 years, a Bachelors degree, minimum of two years work experience in an occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List of Australia and good English language skills. All these factors are considered and under standardized points based grid of Australia, scores are calculated. If your calculation reaches to up to 60 points, then you have all rights to apply for the Australia PR visa.

Since Australia immigration works by a method of Points Based Immigration System, you need to calculate your score in order to know whether PR is for you or not. In this regard, it is best advised that an expert help is taken for accurate and time-friendly results.

What process does it take to get Australia PR?

To apply for a direct Australia PR visa, it involves a 7 stage flexible process. Have a look at the overview of the Australia PR process structure:

· Skills Assessment: skills are assessed as per Australian standard

· Expression of Interest: online profile with all details about you must be created

· Pool of Applications: profile lands into a pool and assessed against others based on score

· Invitation to Apply: profiles with highest scores set for the time are issued an ITA

· DIBP Application: 90 days time is given to make final PR application along with PR fee

· Medicals and PCC: Health documents and evidence of moral character must be produced

· Visa Approval: Upon verification and approval, visa is issued to you

When you are planning to migrate to Australia from India, it is important that you stay thorough of the process, recent rule changes and visa policies. If you are unable to stay informed in this aspect, you can take help of any of the best Australia immigration consultants in India.

What could be an added advantage to your PR application?

Job Offer-Job offer from any reputed Australian employer boosts chances for a quick PR. If you have an arranged job offer, you are regarded as first preference for PR.

Accompanying Spouse- Incorporating an eligible spouse can help you increase your points on the application. This gives way to a quicker ITA.

State Nomination- Being nominated by a State is the highest advantage of all. This not only increases chances for quicker visa but also enhances your impression for Australian job opportunities.