Manage Costs and Stay Ahead in Your F&B Business With ERP Software

March 12, 2023 by No Comments

In an industry where perishability, quality and safety standards are a top priority, a modern ERP plays a critical role in analyzing deep level insights, timely alerts and monitor inventory levels to keep the business profitable and sustainable. It is no surprise that leading Food and Beverage businesses feel that they need a software that helps them solve the core problems of the business.

Moreover, issues such as supply chain effectiveness, food safety, dynamic purchasing patterns, and global competition are some of the factors that food and beverage companies must constantly take into notice. Regardless of their size big or small, working in farming, food processing or fine dining, these companies have to struggle with high-cost structures and tight margins.

For this, you need an enterprise-ready solution which mitigates all your mission-critical challenges and gives you a true solution to your F&B demands.

Compliance with Food Safety

We know in the F&B industry, food safety is paramount. In this regards, the modern ERP helps to ensure the product which is reaching expiry date is tracked well in advance. With this, keep informed your customers are receiving fresh materials and quality products every time. This feature helps to minimize waste and boost customer loyalty.

Full Traceability

In F&B business, it’s important to keep a track of the history and location of every unit, department, or work in process and finished goods. This visibility helps F&B business to make sound operational and business decisions with confidence.

Quicker and Informed Decision Making

One of the huge benefits of ERP for food and beverage industry is the ease and speed of decision-making process. It allows you to access real-time data across all departments backed by real-time metrics. Furthermore, you can gain critical insights and access data from anytime, anywhere and make quick decisions on the go.

No More Lost Orders

The result of the benefits mentioned above comes down to enhanced customer service – customer service is about empowering them with the quality products at a fair price and delivering it when promised. The common issue which Food and Beverages confront is the expiration of products. This can result in a lost order for a customer, lost revenue and profit. To avoid such situations, ERP software helps to reduce these issues and informs about a planned inspection date; thereby, enhancing customer service.

Reduces need for constant spot checks and inventory monitoring

Constant physical inventory checks can be tedious and really time-consuming. With a modern ERP, you can keep a constant check on labor costs and ensure that your workforce is focused on production and quality.

SAP Business One is an enterprise-ready ERP for SMEs offering powerful and easy-to-use expiration tracking, lot management, and process information. With enterprise-ready functionality, you get immediate insight into all your operations. Further, the mobility solution makes inventory tracking incredibly easier at the touch of fingertips.