L’Oreal Professional Majirouge Hair Color

Majirouge is devised using ingredients Ionène G™ and Incell™ Complex that assures permanent color for bright, vibrant and intense red tones to stay true. Ionène G™ helps the hair by conditioning and restoring the natural hair fiber and bestows hair with a superior condition and shine. The Incell™ Complex strengthens hair from inside out making it effervescent, conditioned and glowing with natural tones. Majirouge focuses on the color red. It is normally preferred by clients who desire pure, pulsating and intense red and copper shades. The revolutionary Rubilane and DMS technologies help to make the selected copper and red shades more reflective. Majirouge guarantees all its clients a color that is pure, vivacious, deep and long-lasting copper and red shades that also protects the hair from core to surface

How to use Majirouge?

Selecting the best color

You must have a basic understanding of your natural hair color before beginning the process of coloring. To choose the best shade for your hair, you need to refer to L’Oreal Color charts and select the shade that suits your natural color. Note that Majirouge comes in a number of shades like Majirouge: 5 shades, Majirouge Rubilane: 3 shades and Majirouge LUMAX: 3 shades. You must remember that it can lighten your hair color two or three shades away from your natural color and it can darken more than three shades. For lightening, you may have to bleach your hair first.


Majirouge should be mixed in a 1 to 1.5 ratio, i.e. 50ml (1 tube) of Majirouge to 75ml of L’Oréal Professionnel Cream Oxidant 20 volume to darken or lighten up to 2 levels. To lighten up to 3 levels, choose L’Oréal Professionnel Cream Oxidant 30 volume. Mix until a rich creamy texture is obtained. Allow this mixture to stand for 20 minutes. For entire coverage of grey, the mixture should be mixed with Majirel golden basic.


Ensure that you wear gloves before you begin the process of coloring as chemicals can cause harm when it comes in contact with your skin. Make sure that you apply petroleum jelly around your hair line, neck and face to prevent coloring of skin. Apply the mixture to hair strands using a brush. In case of damaged hair ensure that you have conditioned or oiled hair two days in advance. When applying color, begin at the bottom of the hair and work your way upwards till the end. Apply to the roots only at the end of the process as heat from the body speeds color development.


Washing must be undertaken after allowing a development time of 35 minutes. If you need a quick application process, make sure that you use a professional hair dryer. You can test the colored hair to check for the color results before washing. While washing ensure that you rinse thoroughly using color water until the water runs clear. You may use a deep conditioner to protect hair from damage.