Ladies Wigs – Synthetic Or Real Hair?

April 27, 2023 by No Comments

Ladies wigs have been around for a very long time, but until the creation of synthetic fibers, human hair was mostly used to make ladies wigs. Today of course you can have your choice of a huge variety of both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs that are freely available on the market.

Often women endlessly debate which of the two types of ladies wigs are the best, yet both types have benefits. When any woman decides that she wants to buy and wear a wig, it is first of all a personal choice whether she wants human hair or synthetic fiber and a factor that is hugely important in the decision is what she wants to look like and what price she is prepared to pay for it.

Real hair wigs look the most natural, so if you want a wig that looks just like your own hair, this is the best option. Wigs made from real hair will last much longer than synthetic if you take proper care of them. You cannot use heat styling tools on a synthetic wig, but you can use curling irons and blow dryers on real hair wigs exactly as you would with your own hair.

Heat sources such as barbeques, open ovens and fireplaces will not affect ladies wigs made from real hair either. If you are going to wear the wig daily, human hair wigs allow you to regularly change your style, so you have far greater scope for natural styles. You can also dye natural hair wigs as you would your own hair, but you can also damage human hair ladies wigs with too many dye changes as you can your own hair.

Real hair wigs feels soft to the touch, after all they are made from real hair.One of the greatest benefits of wigs made from real hair is that they breathe and will not make your head perspire and itch. Probably one of the greatest drawbacks of human hair wigs are the hefty price tag they come with.

It is understandable though why they are expensive for someone had to cut their hair off to supply the hair for your wig and specialist wig makers then has to carefully process the hair and then make the finish product.

Synthetic fibers First of all, synthetic wigs are far cheaper, so this gives women the opportunity of buying them easier and can afford to go for funky colors and styles. You also do not have to repeatedly style synthetic-wigs after each wash as you have to with real hair wigs.

Synthetic wigs do not last as long as ladies wigs made from human hair, but if you want the wig for only wearing occasionally, this will not matter and as it will be relatively cheap to replace.

So in the end both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have pros and cons to be considered. Price wise the synthetic wigs win every time and when it comes to the natural look; nothing can beat real hair wigs.