Jane Iredale Amazing Base Vs Pure Pressed – What’s the Difference?

January 23, 2023 by No Comments

So what’s the difference is between Jane Iredale Amazing Base and Jane Iredale Purepressed?

Both are high quality mineral makeup with mostly natural ingredients that most dermatologists endorse. And both have SPF sunscreen protection, and both are buildable, adaptable products that can double as concealers if mixed with liquid mineral makeup. This article lists the differences that can help you decide which is best for you.

Loose powder vs. Pressed.

Amazing Base by nature is loose mineral powder, meaning that the texture that you get from the product is larger, more coarse, and tends to go all over the place as the powder does not cling as well together. Purepressed is finely milled into smaller particles, and therefore retains a neatness as the powder is pressed and dense. Because of this difference in manufacturing, they both have a different effect on the skin, and they call for different application strategies.

The Finish:

Purepressed tends to be more matte than Amazing Base. However, over-applying it will result in an ashy, chalky face that can lead to extra shine if your skin oils come out during the day. So be warned: be very light with purepressed!

Amazing Base has more sheen to it than purepressed. Even though this may call for an oil slick, it actually comes out as beautiful, glowing, dewy skin if applied properly.

Since the finish on both are different, it fully depends on the effect that you are after.

The Color:

Color wise, Amazing Base loose powder is much darker than Purepressed. So if you’re picking switching from loose to pressed powder or vice versa, remember that the color match will be different. A general rule of thumb is that Amazing Base is about two steps darker than Purepressed.

Make sure to do a color testing for both products in cosmetic stores before buying! It would be a shame to throw money down the drain on high quality makeup that does not match your skin tone.

The Powdery Mess, Clean-up Factor:

The mess that you have to deal with is also different. Pressed powder is more travel friendly – you barely have to deal with any powdery residue that comes from applying it on. Loose powder by nature is messy. So if you want to bring your compact around without dealing with the fuss, Purepressed is highly recommended.


Both Amazing Base and PurePressed have their own application techniques and specific brushes that you should use to get the best effect. Even the best makeup can turn out hideous if you do not know how to use it! As much as we dream about instant beauty in 5 minutes, making makeup work for you takes exactly that…work!