Is the Law of Attraction Just Serendipity?

Is the Law of Attraction simply coincidence? Luck? Serendipity? After all, imagine you’ve been digging for gold. You’ve been at it for years and then one day you find a whopping great nugget that sets you up for life.

It’s said that The Universe takes its own sweet time over giving you what you want most out of life. Couldn’t it be, then, that all your hard work starts to pay off, simply because you’ve kept at it assiduously all these years? Maybe pure luck. You’re brand new to gold digging and your first morning out, you find this great nugget.

Serendipity? This is an interesting word. It was first coined by Horace Walpole in 1754, and comes from a fairy tale ‘The Three Princes of Serendip.’ As Walpole put it, ‘they were always making discoveries, by accident and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of.’ Serendip, incidentally, is the old name for Ceylon.

Well really, no. It’s none of those things. It’s a planned and intense intercourse with the Universe, not so much for ‘things,’ but for a lifestyle you particularly desire. Everyone’s different, so in the lifestyle you decide upon, the one which will give you greatest pleasure and satisfaction, money may not play a part at all. And it really is a lifestyle for which you seek. Simply saying ‘I want a million dollars, a big new car and a mansion,’ isn’t the wisest of choices. Remember the upkeep of the mansion. The sorts of problems associated with a grand house.

No, you must choose your lifestyle very, very carefully. There was one man who invoked the Law of Attraction for a particular position in the firm for which he worked. He’d wanted this post for years, and when he heard about the Law of Attraction, he threw himself wholeheartedly into studying it. Lo and behold, a few weeks later, the position became his. Unfortunately, by then, he’d rather gone off the idea, but his desire for the promotion had become a way of life to him.

So the utmost care must be exercised in choosing your lifestyle. After true and wise consideration, you finally decide upon your goals. You keep this vision before you at all times, but let go. You’ve asked the Universe to supply your desires, now just let the Universe do its job. You don’t sit down, imagining the Universe sitting across the table from you, and say; ‘Now look here, Universe, I’ve told you what I want. I expect you to deliver by noon in two weeks time, and this is the way you go about it.’ You’ll find that the Universe is rather wiser than you, and it’ll deliver in its own good time. You’re the Child. The Universe is the Father.

One of the most difficult aspects of the Law is ridding yourself of the baggage you’ve been carrying around all these years. You may have had an unpleasant childhood, where no-one ever gave you any encouragement, but were far more likely to call you an idiot. This was drilled into your head, day in and day out, and it’s very difficult to knock these horrible memories away from you. It must be done, however, or else you’ll be dealing with the Law of Detraction.

You must have had some successes in your life, however small. Concentrate on these. Remember how you felt when you were given that promotion, when you did score the winning goal, when for once someone did clap you on the shoulder and say ‘well done.’ Concentrate on these moments, and let the rest of the wretchedness go.

Easy to say, but they were only words, and words have wings to fly away from you as well as towards you