Is Omega Cold Press 365 Juicer A Good Buy?

How Does Omega Cold Press 365 preserve nutrition?

It does this in two ways. By reducing heating while juicing and preventing oxidation.

The juicer spins slowly and it does not cause agitation. The juicing is slow and methodical to preserve highest amounts of minerals, heat-sensitive vitamins and enzymes in the juice.

Omega slow masticating juicer works this way to prevent heating the juice or from air getting into juice. Those two – heat and oxygen are the biggest enemies of nutrition in the juice as they actively destroy them.

How to boost immunity with juice from Omega Cold Press 365?

The juice extracted by Omega juicer 365 is nutritious due to the nature of juicing.

Good nutrition is important to keep our immunity up and fighting fit. Drinking juices extracted by Omega Cold Press 365 can help give our body a huge boost in nutrition and also immunity.

Is buying Omega Cold Press 365 juicer a good decision?

There are many reasons to buy an Omega Cold Press 365. Let’s list the main four here:


You drink juice to get high quality and concentrated nutrients. If nutrition is lost due to heating or oxidation it is a waste of effort.

The reason to buy an Omega Cold Press 365 is because its powerful motor crushes produce and extracts juice without loss of nutrition. The slow way of juicing avoids heating and oxidation, which preserves vitamins and enzymes in extracted juice.

Gut Health

With the Omega Slow juicer 365 supplying your body regularly with high quality nutrients, your gut stays healthy and works smoothly.

The human digestive tract contains millions of helpful bacteria that keep our bodies healthy. A vitamin-rich, mineral-rich plant-based diet helps improve the range and variety of good bacteria in the gut.

Feel Energetic

Drinking juice helps you feel energetic, active and full of life. You’ll fight off infections with better immunity.

When you keep your body supplied with healthy and nutritious juices, the desire or craving for unhealthy junk food disappears. Binge eating and related problems go away.

Vitamins, minerals and enzymes in fruit and vegetable juice helps you stay healthy and lose weight. That’s a great reason to buy an Omega slow masticating juicer 365

Affordable Price

A fourth and final reason to buy an Omega Cold Press 365 juicer is that, compared to many other juicers, the Omega 365 HD is affordably priced.

It also offers great juicing abilities. And this makes for an unbeatable combination.

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Hopefully this Omega Juicer 365 review has convinced you that this is a great choice for your home and kitchen.