If You Want to be Discreet When Swinging

April 29, 2023 by No Comments

Of course, after you’ve tried a little swinging, you may want to share your amazing experiences with everyone you know. Unfortunately, not everyone will be as open as you. If you work in a conservative environment, or just want to maintain a little anonymity, then there are several ways to go about it.

If you’re going to clubs…

One of the main reasons that a lot of beginning swingers try out clubs is that there is a certain safety in numbers. If you’re there and they’re there, then you both are embracing swinging as a lifestyle or a fascination. And you are both in the same boat of wanting to have a great experience (or experiences) without feeling like your privacy has been invaded. Too much.

Another great aspect of a dark, smoky club is that many of the times; names are not exchanged, so you can have a wonderful time without even knowing who you were with. This might sound impersonal, but it’s a safety feature that’s built in. You might find that being anonymous is highly erotic and satisfying when you’re in the club situation. And you also won’t worry about running into anyone later with an awkward silence about who knows who.

Maybe you’ll see someone at the local grocery store. Just nod, smile, and keep moving to the milk section. Keep your name for a while until you feel that there’s a special connection between you and another couple or person. You want to take your time to feel trust and security within your swinging group. And if you find someone that you like?

Meeting with another couple in a public place at first will help you determine if you’re all ready to trust each other. Meet in a non-sexual environment to see how you interact before you jump into bed (or other places) with each other.

When you’re online…

With swinging dating services now available at the touch of a keyboard, you are launched into the faceless world of online dating. But this can be a great start for a new swinger. Not only can you choose whether or not to reveal your name and picture, but you can also take your time in determining if a person is right for you. You can ask questions over the secure servers available, or email anonymously.

Using one of those free email accounts is best. Keep this playtime separate.

And if you’re not sure about a person, it’s a lot easier to cut it off before you would ever meet. There are also safety monitors on many of the swingers dating sites, so if you feel that someone is being menacing or just plain creepy–report them. You could be saving someone else some trouble.

A final note…

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the joys of swinging, or they only want to live out their fantasies, but dismiss yours. Stalkers are a very real problem, so protecting your personal information until you are absolutely sure about someone is important.

Don’t give out your name, where you work, where you live, or any other identifiable information.