How to Stop Hair Loss and Grow New Hair

April 30, 2023 by No Comments

Throughout history, hair has been considered a symbol of beauty (for women) and virility (for men)…

The lifespan of a strand of hair is about 5 years on average yet every day you’re losing between 60 to 100 strands of hair. That might not seem like much but what can you do when the effects are visible with the naked eye?

Hair loss isn’t just a cosmetic issue. It’s one of health and well being. Chinese and Tibetan medicine texts state that you can tell a person’s general state of health by looking at his or her hair, skin and nails.

How do you improve the quality of your hair and your overall health?

Well, it’s important to know that hair grows from follicles within the skin of your head… and over 90% of your hair is basically dead protein and it’s very rich in sulfur.

Sulfur is the fifth to ninth most abundant mineral in the body and it’s widely spread in the atmosphere, especially in rain water… but because we’re eating plants grown in green houses and not wild foods, over the years our bodies have gotten sulfur deficient.

If you want to add some extra sulfur to your diet you should eat more high protein superfoods like hemp seed, been pollen, goji berries and algae like spirulina, chlorella, etc

The best way however is to add a few grams of organic sulfur, also called MSM to your diet everyday. MSM is an almost magical component that also helps build strong bones and teeth, clear your complexion, increase flexibility and mobility, ease joint pain and make your eyes more radiant and glowing. You can get it at the at the health food store.

Another important mineral for your hair is Silica. This is also found in nails, bones and muscles. The best sources of silica are dark greens leafy vegetables… From medicinal plants like nettle and horsetail to the more conventional kale and spinach, greens will do wonders for your health.

Vitamin C also play an important role… You can get vitamin C almost everywhere nowadays from pharmacies to health food stores. Make sure you supplement with at least half a gram twice a day.

In Chinese medicine hair loss is connected with loss of Jing. Jing translates as “essence” and is one of the 3 treasures… a substance that should be guarded and not wasted.

Loss of Jing essence causes hair loss, lower back pain, joint pain etc… Chinese medicine lists a few plants that can restore Jing essence like schizandra berry, morinda root, noni fruits, etc

Fortunately, we have discovered an even more powerful sacred plant that can restore this Jing essence, increase your energy, cleanse the blood and help gray hair turn back to black. It’s called “Zhi Shou Wu” or “Ho Shou Wu” which translates to “Mr. Ho’s Black Hair”.

The legends say that Zhi Shou Wu turned Mr. Ho’s hair from gray to black at the age of 58, helped him father several children and restored his youthful appearance. He lived to be 130!