How I Chose the Skin Care For Men Products I Made My Husband Use That Made Him Look 15 Years Younger

February 5, 2023 by No Comments

Finally, skin care for men is cool. My husband spent twenty years at sea and you can imagine he didn’t use too many skin care products in that environment!

But it caught up to him and he started really showing his years. His skin also started getting hyper reactive – inflamed and irritated more often than not.

It was like pulling teeth, but I finally got him to start taking care of himself. Thankfully, I already knew to avoid the big name skin care for men products and had already done a lot of research. I got him some quality natural products and within two months his wrinkles had receded to the point that people were telling him he looked 15 years younger. The bags under his eyes virtually disappeared and his skin regained the healthy glow he enjoyed when he was in his thirties! Here’s how I chose the men skin care products he used.

The best skin care for men has ingredients that boost the skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself

I knew that it was important to find products that were formulated for men and worked to rejuvenate skin – not just cover up the blemishes and lines. I got him a men’s skin care cream, an eye contour gel, a hydrating mask and a deep cleansing mask.

The skin care cream contained an ingredient called cynergy TK. The magic of this particular ingredient is that because of the way it is formulated it is a natural keratin (one of the building block proteins in skin) and actually stimulates the production of collagen and elastin – the two skin proteins that give us firmness and flexibility of youth. As we age, the skin slows down production of these vital proteins and that’s when we start to sag.

While there are other creams that actually contain collagen and elastin, they don’t work. The skin can’t absorb these proteins externally and to rejuvenate, it has to produce its own. Cynergy TK is the only ingredient I know that can do this


Because he was wearing twenty years of harsh weather and sun on his face, I knew we’d need something that would deliver a large amount of antioxidants as well. And the cream we used had a miracle ingredient called phytessence wakame that does exactly that. The Japanese have known about it for ages but it’s just now becoming common knowledge in the west.

Because of the bags and lines around his eyes, I got him an eye contour gel that contains a peptide known as eyeliss. This ingredient hydrates delicate eye skin and works to make it thicker. His eye wrinkles started going away almost immediately and it was only a month before people started remarking about his younger look.

I had also read that skin care for men had to include a deep cleanse treatment of some sort because male skin has much larger pores than females so dirt is more likely to get in and clog them up. Again, we used a natural product – the big name brands have facial cleansers but they’re all alcohol based. Alcohol is terrible for your skin long term because it dries it out – totally what we don’t want!

And finally, I made him use a hydration mask (again, a men skin care product – not a woman’s).

There are many more ingredients to check for in the best skin care for men. We’ve had wonderful success with the men skin care products we finally chose and I don’t even have to nag him to use them any more – he’s quite happy with his new, younger and healthy look! You can learn more about the ingredients and products we sourced at my website.