Hair Drying Tips That Won’t Harm Your Hair

Hair drying always takes place right after you take a shower and before you go to work or an event, or when you’re in a rush, making the portable hair dryers the perfect solution since they can be used anywhere you go and even to remote areas of your home. Portable hair dryers simply require some rechargeable batteries to be functional. In fact, they are widely used by those travelers who still want to look at their best in every meeting.

Aside from getting in a rush, most travelers and most users with a little time to fix themselves simply don’t like going around with it wet. Although there are other people who take time styling their hair with curling irons, most of us prefer simple blow drying. However, despite the fact that they are in hurry or just want to get pretty, they should still take some simple but safe procedure in blow drying it. Here are some drying tips that won’t harm it and the scalp as well.

First and foremost, wash it and have it shampooed with regular shampoo. And for improved drying effects and protection, try washing with a moisturizing shampoo – this will provide extra moisture that will keep it from the effects of the dryer. Plus, it can keep it from any other heat or damage caused by straightening or curling.

Second, towel off your hair slightly just enough to stop dripping, but don’t dare to rub it with the towel since the friction can cause split ends, frizzy dryness and generally does a lot of damage. For those with short hair, just wrap the towel around and massage it soothingly using strong, circular motions. Plus, don’t rub it too fast or hard to avoid breaking the follicles. And once you feel some pain or feel some breaking then try using your common sense and stop. Remember that your main goal is to stop the dripping and not entirely drying it.

The next step is to separate your hair into two or more sections. The more section you make and the lesser hair you have in every section, the faster your hair dries. It is always best to make four to six sections, but always make sure to avoid tangled hair. And for those who have thick or longer hair, try using some clips to make your hair drying session much easier. And for those with short hair, simply part your hair into two sections.

Then, start blasting your hair with the hair dryer for a few minutes so as to get rid of some of the moisture. Always start blow drying at the top roots, and about six inches away from your scalp and for convenience, try using portable hair dryers. And be careful not to get the hair dryer near your scalp to keep it from harm or to avoid some burns. Never blow dry your hair in an upward motion, since this can cause greater hair damage or may keep the moisture from sopping the rest of your hair. This can also encourage frizz, and using some diffuser will be a better option especially if you have curly hair.

Remember to move the blow dryer around, so that nothing burns, because if you just focus the dryer on a single spot for a longer period of time, it will soon dry out and burn the hair, rather than gently drying it. But make sure to leave some moisture on your hair to keep your hair healthy looking and free from frizz and damage. Always leave it tolerably damp, but make sure to avoid soaking your clothes – no worries, our hair naturally dry in about 5-10 minutes.

Last, always finish a blow drying session with a simple blast of cold air to lock in shine – portable hair dryers usually have this feature. Then carefully and gently brush your hair, or untangle it using your fingers.

Portable hair dryers are perfect and convenient to most travelers and to those who need its service. These hair drying devices will be of great help to you when you need to style and dry your hair even in remote areas. Babyliss hair dryer as one of the reliable hair dryers, provide safe blow drying, straightening and curling, provided that you are careful when handling your hair. Remember that the ability to blow dry your hair can make some distinction to your overall well-being and appearance as it is truly a real mood booster.