Hair Care Product – Kerastase

February 20, 2023 by No Comments

One of the highly recommended hair care products nowadays are Kerastase products. Kerastase hair care products are for the after care and maintenance of the hair. Hair conditioners, hair shampoos, hair treatments, hair leave in, hair masque, styling mousse and hair serums are some of the hair care products that Kerastase offers.

Here are some Kerastase products with descriptions:

Conditioner for Kerastase includes Lait Vital Protein- Care for Dry and Sensitized Hair and Volumactic Soin Vitaliseur Conditioner. Lait Vital Protein treats and enriches sensitized and dry hair without heaviness making hair silkier and shinier. Volumactive Soin Vitaliseur gives strength to fine hair without heaviness.

Kerastase also have hair treatment products such as Masquintense, Aqua -Oleum Nourishing Recharge With An Instant and Long Lasting Effect , Ciment Anti Usure (Resistance), Crème-Richesse Intensive Repair Treatment , Forcintense Progressive Reconstruction Programmed and Masquintense Epais. Masquintense nurtures and treat very dry or fine hair, Aqua -Oleum Nourishing Recharge with an Instant and Long Lasting Effect changes your hair making it soft and silky by penetrating and nourishing the hair shaft with a long lasting effect. Ciment Anti Usure(Resistance) is a treatment for damaged hairs with split ends, after using this product hair could be easily untangled because it smoothes and nourishes the hair. Crème-Richesse Intensive Repair Treatment contains Phytodefense System that deeply repairs hair that is exposed under the heat of the sun, oceans or beaches or chlorinated water. Forcintense Progressive Reconstruction Programme is for hair that is very weak. Using Forcintense Programme restores the hair’s health for lasting strength.

Another great Kerastase product is the Leave In formula which is called Substance Constructive; it is a leave in treatment for chemically weakened hair that instantly improve hair’s resistance to breakage.

Masque Oleo-Relax, is a nutritional hair masque that easily detangles hair, making the hair silky and smooth. Styling Mousse comes in two forms, Emulsion Nutri-Instantanee, a leave on foam which nourishes dry or sensitive hair and Nutri-Body Volumizing Treatment is a mousse that gives body to dry and fine hair.

Oleo-Relax Ultimate Controlling Elixir, Serum Nutri-Instante and Serum Oleo Relax are Kerastase hair serums. Oleo-Relax Ultimate Controlling Elixir is for dry, unmanageable and untamed hair. This hair must be applied on towel-dried hair. Serum Nutri-Instante is a Silicone treatment for damaged hair that also eliminates frizz. Serum Oleo Relax a protection against frizz which is long lasting with a smooth-shine finish.

Shampoos such as Bain Apres Soleil, Bain De Force Shampoo, Bain Oleo Relax Shampoo, Bain Prevention, Bain Satin1 Shampoo, Bain Satin 2 Shampoo, Bain Satin 3 Shampoo, and Bain Volumactive are products from Kerastase.

Without a doubt, with these products, beautiful, shiny and healthy hair is just within your reach. Remember though that these products are here to reinforce the maintenance of your hair, you should also have proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to achieve the kind of hair that you want.