Get Lean and Mean and Stay Looking Good for Life – Book Review

March 28, 2023 by No Comments

Are you overweight? Have you noted that every time you try a new diet, it works for a while and then the weight comes back? Do you know friends who just cannot seem to stay on track or lose those extra pounds even though you know it is damaging their health? Would you like to know of a plan that really works, one which makes sense, but also encompasses life style changes?

Well then, it is time for you to lose weight now, but don’t you dare ask me how, rather, let me recommend a very good book that I think you should read by a very popular self-help dietary author, who knows a good bit on the topic of weight loss, diets, nutrition, and exercise all subject you need to know to create the changes in your life to accomplish your objectives and become a better slimmer, thinner, and leaner you. So, without further ado, this is the book I’d like to recommend to you:

“Lean for Life – a Six Week Program,” by Cynthia Stamper Graff, Lean for Life Publishing (self-publishing), Costa Mesa, CA, 2001, 262 pages, ISBN: 0-9777253-0-8.

The author just happens to also be the CEO of one of the largest weight loss centers in the country, and this book starts out with a dozen plus testimonials of folks that had lost well over 50-pounds each, wow. This book is about taking a personal journey, making a change in life-style, and living a fuller, but leaner life because of it. This book is not for anyone that isn’t serious, or refuses to make those changes, all of which will be for the better. It’s not for lazy folks or the uncommitted soul that wants to take diet pills and call it a day, or try the newest crash diet craze of Hollywood. This is for real, and for really serious people. With that said, it is also fun, and the results make a believer out of the readers.

It is basically a two-phase approach encompassing 6-vital ingredients to weight loss. The reader will learn about Ketosis, as it is a major part of this diet plan. The book after educating the reader goes day-by-day and step-by-step as it explains the need for protein, proper calorie intake, carbohydrates, liquids, electrolytes, and the reality behind body mass index charts and graphs, as well as the genetic components of healthy eating. It’s all there, and you will learn tons about how you got overweight, and how to stay thin and trim without crimping your style or ruining the fun in your life.

Every single day there is more to know, more to learn, and you read as you go. No wonder this book and this plan worked so well for so many people. Indeed, this is why I’d like to recommend this work to you, if your previous diets have failed and left you underwhelmed with yourself and the results. Please consider all this and think on it.