Food and Success in Business

March 6, 2023 by No Comments

If you want to be successful selling food, it is imperative that you make the right choices of the following; a fair price, fantastic quality, great taste, place in the food supply chain, and location. In fact, location should be your primary focus, because location can make or break a business – you may have heard it said, “Location, location, location – it determines 50% of any retail business.”

The extent of the food industry is vast and crosses international boundaries. As long as there are people, there are going to be hungry mouths to feed, and where there are hungry people there is a need for nutrition. The demand is never going to die out. Therefore, this is one business that flourishes in all parts of the world, especially in metros where people do not have the time to cook; they rely on takeaways and fast food restaurants instead.

Which part of the industry should a position be taken up? As mentioned earlier, this is one industry that is so vast it has to rely on international markets to fulfill its demands. The chain includes: farming; food processing; packaging; transportation; retail; outlets, such as, restaurants, eating stalls, drive through eating joints, and of course – the food and beverage regulators!

Beginning with the farmer, who manages the fields and supplies agricultural produce such as; wheat for flour, food grains, and vegetables, sugarcane and beets for mills to produce sugar, various plants from which vegetable cooking medium is extracted, tea leaves and coffee beans, spices and fruit, and dairy farm products such as milk, meat and eggs. The farmer is the beginning and the end of the raw material in the supply chain.

Food processors such as sugar mills, cooking oil manufacturers, beverage manufacturers among others, who link the raw production to the outlets that sell the final product.

Packaging and transportation can be food processor’s in-house department of it can be contractual, which in most cases it is. This forms a large segment of the industry and keeps the retail segment stocked.

The retail segment supplies to the outlets such as; supermarkets that sell processed eatables, raw material such as flour, vegetables, fruit, cooking oil, spices and so on. They also supply to restaurants and eating stalls and the like.

However, while it is possible to make a success out of any part of this industry, the end of the line, the part where you get the stuff served to you on your plate is the most prominent segment and probably where the major profits are to be gained! But then, if being a part of the supply chain does not appeal to you and you still want to work in this industry, you could get a job as a food inspector!