Epicuren Skin Care Products – The Best Proficient Skin Care

February 12, 2023 by No Comments

Epicuren Skin Care Products are made up of water-based fresh enzymatic-infused gels and lotions that go far away from the spectrum of normal skin care. The word Epicuren is derived from the Latin words Epi and Curen which mean to heal or cure the skin. Not only it diminishes wrinkles, it erases them. It lifts, tightens, increases elasticity and compactness in the skin and furnishes it a youthful glow. Research has revealed that Epicuren factually changes the skin at the molecular level.

The Epicuren line comprise products for all skin types: dry, sensitive, mature, sun damaged, acne-prone, combination, young skin and mens skin.

Epicuren skin care products make use of pure and natural ingredients that are both very active and gentle on the skin at the same time. The products are considered some of the most effectual anti-aging products in the industry and excellent at sinking the common signs of skin aging.

An exclusive feature of Epicuren skin care products is that most of the products include a proprietary Advanced Enzyme Technology. The enzyme proteins used specially target the skin cells in the dermis layer. The action of enzymes stimulates or accelerates the cellular action of the dermal skin that leads to self-rejuvenation of the skin. The result is that the Epicuren products increase natural moisture production and youthful aspects of the skin cells. Products also exist without the enzyme component for other types of skin care problems.

The major product of Epicuren Skin care is the Epicuren Discovery System. This is a six-step enzyme treatment system consisting of a deep facial cleanser, a facial scrub, an enzyme conditioner, an enzyme concentrate, an enzyme gel, and finally a light high quality moisturizer for daytime use.

Other important skincare products are the Epicuren facial masks, which are based on a treatment consisting of herbal components and protein enzymes. Use of the facial products benefits the skin by increasing firmness, elasticity, color, and texture of the skin. Because the product is so gentle there is no downtime at all. There is no sun sensitivity after treatment and normal activities can be resumed at once. These epicuren skin care facial products are best for premature aging of skin and skin that has undergone sun damage.

Other major products in the Epicuren skin care line include:

o spa and bath products
o enzyme complex treatments
o restoritive skin treatments
o youthteen skincare – products exclusively formulated for teens
o skintopia epicurenman – products specially formulated for men
o recommended skin treatments
o epicuren uv protection – efficient sun protection
o cosmetics products
o aromatherapy

Epicuren has developed a range of products to go well with each skin type and problem. They have been prepared to be used within your skincare regimen. Regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing is recommended. The products are expensive as they include the best of ingredients and are compiled in accordance with the results of cutting edge research. A healthy diet combined with Epicuren skin care products will furnish you the best results.