Easy French Toast Recipes

February 21, 2023 by No Comments

French toast is easy to make and is a delicious dish. However, it is not easy to know exactly, where French toast comes from. Long ago it was much harder to come by food, and there was not very many ways in which to lengthen the life of many foods short of salting them for curing, so people used what they had available to feed their families. There are so many interesting stories and opinions of where it all began. Down through the ages and in nearly every country there is a variation of what is called French toast by some. This appealing treat is known by many names since times medieval.

French toast is made using different ingredients, some are sweet to the taste, while yet others are strong and savory. Overall, they made use of what they had in hand and one thing they have in common is making use of stale bread.

French toast is oh so easy to make, with the simplest or the most extensive list of ingredients, whether for a morning meal, a daytime snack or even as a light quick fix supper. You should really try some French toast.

You will need a bowl and a whisk or fork. A griddle of sorts, a skillet or frying pan will suffice; as well, you shall have a spatula. French toast also needs a platter and plates for many or a plate for each serving. You will also need forks or spoons as is preferred by individual tastes of course for eating the French toast as well as for serving utensils of condiments and garnishes while dinning. If possible, have a warm area to keep the French toast in when making more than one serving as this helps contain the warmth of the meal itself, although, cold French toast is very good too.

An Easy French Toast Recipe for an individual serving.

You will need:

  • Two slices of bread, your choice
  • Three quarter cup of milk
  • One teaspoon vanilla extract
  • One teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • One pinch of salt or not
  • One egg
  • Butter

An Easy French Toast Recipe for multiple servings.

You will need:

  • 8 slices of bread, your choice
  • 3 to 4 eggs
  • 1 ½-cup tomato sauce
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • ¼ teaspoon of onion powder

A bit of cooked meat is added, if you so choose also salt and pepper to taste.

You shall beat the eggs first then add each wet ingredient while continuing to mix thoroughly. It is best to add all dry ingredients into one concoction, and then add dry mixture into the wet batter mix, stirring as you continue. When meat or other preserves are prepared with French toast they are usually a topping of an accompaniment.

While you are mixing the batter, you should also be warming a pre-lubricated griddle. Use enough butter or oil to cook the French toast. This is over a medium heat.

Place the bread into the batter and cover both sides, however do remember that the more stale a piece of bread the longer it should stay to soak up the batter. However, a fresher piece of bread will not take as long to become pudding in the batter if left longer than needed.

Place bread on griddle and lightly brown on both sides, turning once until crisp.

Add preferred toppings, serve up hot and enjoy!