Does Nioxin Shampoo Really Work?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different ranges of hair growth products promising to reverse the effects of hair thinning and baldness. People continually spend so much every year to prevent hair thinning and baldness. One major brand that capitalizes on the hair loss industry is Nioxin, which manufactures a wide range of different products that help to treat or reverse hair loss patterns. Although Nioxin does not promise hair re-growth, they do promote that the Nioxin shampoo and conditioner ranges greatly reduces hair thinning

The Nioxin brand is a well established company which is widely known that has designed a full range of hair care products, which have been marketed to people all over the world that suffer from balding. The most popular amongst the range is the Nioxin shampoo which is made from pure organic materials. The shampoo helps to reduce hair loss as well as combats scalp inflammation which can cause hair reduction.

There are several conditions that lead to hair thinning and one of the causes is due to androgens binding to receptors on the scalp which in turn causes inflammation and hence hair thinning. There are also hormones such as DHT that are known to cause male baldness. This shampoo is used to cleanse the DHT. The natural ingredients used have been tested and proved to heal as well as protect the hair follicles and scalp and maintain a healthy growth.

Like most products on the market today, some will work and some won’t. However, hundreds of people have endorsed this product and have reported a noted reduction in hair loss within a month and many have said they have not noticed any difference. One needs to also bear in mind that diet also plays a major role when it comes to hair loss.

Besides diet and DHT, stress is also plays a major role as well as other factors such as diabetes, thyroidism, and certain medications cause hair reduction. Before treating the symptoms you need to find the cause. By treating the cause you will eliminate the symptoms. Nioxin shampoo definitely works as many hair salons recommend this product.

Nioxin shampoo used with the cleanser and conditioner is a tailored solution for hair reduction in men and women. This product gently cleanses as well as removes harmful toxins, residue and DHT. There are 8 systems available to suit all hair types. The shampoo adds volume and improves the appearance of the hair immediately.