Do Reliv Products Really Work?

February 10, 2023 by No Comments

Physicians many times treat the symptoms of our ailments without treating the cause. Significant health benefits have come to me as the result of using Reliv products over the last 3 years. The human body is a remarkable organism that can heal itself given the proper nutrition.

Convincing testimony came from a friend of mine who used the Reliv products. Suffering from a lack of energy and extreme fatigue and depression, I went to a well-known physician whose expertise was allergies. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic referred patients to him and he had an incredible reputation for being on the leading edge of treatments. He diagnosed me with several allergies and candida that may have contributed to low energy. Candida is a yeast infection of the intestines and women seem to be familiar with the problems of yeast infection. So I was surprised at the diagnosis but was determined to overcome it. He explained to me that my immune system had been damaged and that is why I was susceptible to the ailments I was experiencing. The solution was to slowly build my immune system through medication and nutrition. He outlined a strict diet for me which excluded sugar. He also recommended buying groceries at a health food store and thus started my journey to better health through proper nutrition.

Things went well for about a year as I continued to consult my physician. My problem was that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t eliminate sugar from my diet completely. I experienced relief from my symptoms again after discovering acupuncture. It was a method of eastern medicine of disease prevention that treated the body and the immune system. They also recommended a strict diet which excluded sugar. I couldn’t maintain a sugar-free diet for extended periods of time.

My quest for proper nutrition to help build my immune system continued knowing in the back of my mind that I may ultimately fail if I could not eliminate sugar from my diet. When our immune systems are damaged, we are more susceptible to short and long-term illness. Major illnesses like cancer, chronic bronchitis and heart disease start to thrive in weak immune systems. Living in a cold weather northern state, I came down with the flu and bad colds frequently. During the spring and the fall, I had to leave the windows of my house closed to fresh air because of the pollen and airborne mold in the air. My sinuses were continually stopped up and breathing well was a chore. I would experience relief at times by using pure Vitamin C from my local vitamin store and discovered eating whole, sometimes raw garlic helped.

Discovering the right formula for building my immune system was at times confusing and complicated. I learned the body needs daily minimum requirements of several vitamins and protein. I also learned that many of the foods we eat today lack the nutrients we need. Some people have become vegetarians in order to avoid the processed food we consume. My fatigue and depression persisted and interfered with my personal and professional life. I became resigned to treating my symptoms without treating the real cause of my ailments.

When I was introduced to Reliv, I learned that many people had experienced miraculous healing and health benefits by using the products on a daily basis over a period of time. Reliv International is a reputable company and has numerous proprietary food science patents which is extremely rare when dealing with health supplements. When I inquired as to what made the products work so well, I learned that the products have exclusive bio availability and that people experience a variety of amazing health benefits because the products are designed to build the immune system. I couldn’t believe I found such an amazing product which really simplified the nutrition puzzle by including the maximum daily requirements for every vitamin and nutrient our bodies require to fight off illness.

Immediately I experienced a dramatic increase in energy and alertness by consuming the Reliv products on a daily basis. Over time I was not getting sick in the winter and I was able to open my windows in the spring and summer without having allergic reactions. I did experience severe back problems form stress which at one time confined me to a wheelchair. I was not able to stand on both feet for more than 5 minutes without excruciating pain from my sciatic nerve in my legs. I was instructed to increase my intake of Reliv products and sure enough, I do not have the back problems nor the sciatic nerve problems that were so debilitating.

I do have a healthier diet but continue to struggle with sugar consumption many times. However the use of Reliv products over a period of time has given me a quality of life I did not think was possible. The support system of Reliv encourages me with phone calls and weekly newsletters dedicated to healthier lifestyles through exercise, good nutrition and continued use of Reliv supplements. I need to start an exercise routine and cut back on the ice cream and chocolate that I love to consume. In spite of my shortcomings in those areas, i am experiencing unbelievable physical health as the result of using Reliv products over a period of time. Reliv also makes it possible to earn income by adding retail and wholesale customers.

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