Anti Aging Cream Ingredients to Avoid

April 9, 2023 by No Comments

Anti aging creams are probably one of the most popular skin care products available in the market at present. It’s cheap and readily available which makes it a very popular choice among women as well as men. However, unknown to many, there are lots of skin care dangers you can get in such creams that promises remarkable anti aging results. Some of these creams in the market contain ingredients that can cause harm to the skin. Fortunately, you can avoid this from happening by knowing what ingredients to avoid when looking for an anti aging cream. Let me share to you some of them.

1. Alcohols

Alcohol are often used in most skin care and beauty products. When looking for an anti aging cream, avoid those which contain methanol, ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. These alcohols can dry up and irritate the skin.

2. Paraben

Like alcohols, parabens are also commonly used in most skin care and beauty products. Anti aging creams, just like many products sold today are laden with preservatives. Paraben is used to help preserve the freshness and prolong the life of skin creams. However, this chemical can cause allergic reactions especially to those people who have sensitive skin. Aside from causing allergies, parabens are also known to disrupt the endocrine system which affects the hormone balance in the body. This ingredient has also been linked to fetal development interference and breast cancer.

3. Dioxane

Dioxane is a very harmful chemical that is used by skin care companies to make harsh ingedients milder. Avoid anti aging creams which contain this ingedient because according to studies, prolonged exposure to this chemical can cause cancer. This chemical is already banned by the State of California but it isn’t banned by the FDA yet so it’s still widely used.

4. Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is one of the most common ingredients of anti aging creams. It’s best to avoid products that contain this because it can clog your pores and prevent toxins from being flushed away naturally. It can also cause acne and premature aging. How ironic isn’t it?

5. Fragrance

Skin care products such as anti aging creams need to smell good for customers to buy it. This is the reason why most manufacturers include fragrances in their products to mask the unpleasant odors. Unknown to many, fragrances can cause damage to skin over time. Many kinds of fragrances are even known to be toxic and carcinogenic.