Alkaline Water – Chanson Water Ionizers

April 8, 2023 by No Comments

The benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water are widely known. Ionized water serves as an antioxidant, it improves hydration, improves the taste of food plus, being alkaline, it has all the benefits of alkalinity on the body.

Ionized water is powerful, so powerful that those who make their living from selling bottled water or pharmaceuticals that treat diseases that are caused by acidic life-styles are determined to undermine the validity of ionization, but it is a losing battle.

The market for water with a pH greater than 7.5 is increasing in the United States as more and more individuals are made aware of the benefits of ionized water. With a wider variety of ionizers available, it is important for the consumer to understand what exactly they are looking for in a water ionizer, what it needs to be able to do, which means they need to understand not only the product they are looking at, but the history of the process itself. Considering the purchase of a Chanson Water Ionizer is no different.

The History of Water Ionization

The history of water ionization can be traced back to Michael Faraday and his invention of the electrolysis device; a machine that allowed for the electronic separation of water into hydrogen and oxygen; a technology that is the foundation of water ionization. But Faraday never realized just what applications his device would have. That fell to the lot of one Dr. Henri Coanda, a Rumanian scientist in the 1930’s.

Dr. Henry Coanda was the first to explore the usage of water in the world of applied science; specifically in the field of fluid dynamics. His obsession with the chemical make-up of water wasn’t based solely on his scientific interests, but on a search for longevity and his personal belief that the unique chemistry of water of Hunza would prove to be a source of longevity. He traveled to Hunza where he continued to do research on the chemical makeup of the water and the results of his research astounded all of those that he presented it to.

Dr. Coanda’s research proved to be the foundation for further scientific research that was conducted by Russian and Japanese scientists. Based on their findings, and coupled with Faraday’s invention, the Japanese produced the first water ionizer and in 1954 Japanese universities began researching the applications of alkaline ionic water and acid waters. Both plants and animals were used in the Japanese research and over the decades the technology has improved to the point that small household-sized water ionizers can be produced at a relatively inexpensive rate.

What are Water Ionizers?

Water ionizers are appliances that separate water into two parts through the process of electrolysis. Electrolysis uses an electric charge present only in certain minerals that are available in drinking water to separate the alkaline aspects of water from the acidic aspects of water. Studies have been done that prove that alkaline water is beneficial in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. It also serves as a powerful antioxidant which can help to slow the aging process as well as eliminating free radicals and serving as a sterilizing liquid. There are many on the market today, some do what they claim, and others are simply cheap appliances made to rip off an unsuspecting public. It is important that the purchaser do their research when considering the purchase of a water ionizer.

Chanson Water Ionizers

So, what makes the Chanson brand different from other water ionizers? Chanson Alkaline Water Ionizers produce water that increase hydration by producing water that has water clusters smaller than regular molecule clusters. This “microwater” is six times more hydrating than conventional oxygen, which means that it helps to increase your metabolism as well as your energy.

During the ionization process, a Chanson Water Ionizer charges the Hydroxyl Ions to search out and neutralize the agents that cause disease and premature aging – also known as free radicals. Charged water, such as that which comes out of a Chanson Water Ionizer, has hundreds of very small bubbles in it; visual proof that the water now carries a negative charge or ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).

But Chanson Water don’t just make the best quality product, Chanson takes great pride in understanding the health benefits of ionized alkaline water and in educating the customer regarding the truth about ionization as well as the positives and negatives of the different ionizers on the market, for Chanson has tested every major brand of water ionizer using every major test and measurement available so that the customer doesn’t have to.