Which Face Creams Are Best?

Face creams come in a lot of different styles, and from a variety of different manufacturers. They all tout their products as “best,” despite a big fluctuation in price points. So, who can be trusted? Whose products really are the best?

Let’s do a review of some of the most popular brands on the market to help you decide which is indeed the best skin care product for you and your skin.


Riding on their most recent success with their Anew snit-aging line, Avon continues to add more and more products to this line of products aimed at older women. Unfortunately, all of the hype doesn’t seem to be helping women erase the signs of time on their faces much. Absent of any ingredients that have been proven to reduce wrinkling, Avon’s Anew products seem to making more customers angry than thankful these days.

Burt’s Products

Touted by many users as offering the best facial care lineup anywhere, Burt’s products seem to either be loved or hated. One of the main negatives to using Burt’s products is the fact that their main ingredient is royal jelly and not actual honey. Since royal jelly can cause allergic reactions and other side effects in some people (including asthma) in some people, new users should test it with care.


Face cream reviews (and reviewers) used to tout Clarins products as one of the best. Unfortunately, they have lost a great deal of those accolades in recent years, relying more and more on cheap synthetic ingredients rather than true organics or botanicals. Although many of Clarins products still advertise botanical ingredients on their labels, a closer look shows very little natural ingredients in their products these days.

Estee Lauder

A company that seems to monopolize the skin care industry, Estee Lauder is the grand dame of the industry. Packaging such notable lines as Clinique, Origins and Bobbi Brown, the famed Estee Lauder conglomerate features more than 50 skin care products for each trouble area. Whether or not they work is up to the individual consumer. Some of the company’s products seem to do a better job than others, depending on the ingredients, line it is sold under and of course its price point.


A very popular skin care line being snatched up from pharmacy shelves, most reviews look kindly upon Lancombe face products despite the fact that very few contain all-natural ingredients, but rather depend on preservatives and chemicals to get the job done.

While reading products reviews for a variety of facial products may be helpful in helping you determine which product lines are worth your time and money, one of your best gauges is looking at every products’ ingredient list. Look for natural face cream that features the most natural ingredients possible such as keratin, kelp, botanicals, honey and more. It is always best to stay away from chemicals and parabens (especially those that you have a hard time pronouncing), for best results.

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