Ways to Get Rid of Ovarian Cysts

February 2, 2023 by No Comments

Most women in the world suffer from ovarian cysts. A large number of cases are not even diagnosed as many are not even aware that they suffer from cyst as sometimes there are no clear symptoms. Most of the times, these cysts are found to be non-harmful and non-cancerous in nature. It is due to their asymptomatic nature that most women find it difficult to detect this at an earlier stage. Sometimes, these cysts can be treated naturally without requiring any medical intervention and any kind of treatment. Simple follicular cysts can be treated without any complex surgery or going for costly medicines.

However, there are some other forms of ovarian cysts that require medical intervention and surgery. Sometimes, these cysts are accompanied by heavy pain in the abdomen region and heavy menstrual bleeding. Women suffering from extreme forms of cysts may also experience dizziness and nausea. Other symptoms include vaginal discharge, severe pain, pelvic pain and irregular menstrual cycle. These cysts can also affect the sexual life of a person, making it difficult for a woman to enjoy sexual intercourse. Some forms of cysts get bigger and become heavier with each menstrual cycle. There are different ways of treating the ovarian cysts. Adopting a holistic approach can help in effectively removing the cyst from the body.

One of the first things to do when suffering from ovarian cyst is to consult a doctor. Taking the help of a specialized doctor can help in treating cysts effectively. Consult a physician as soon as you encounter the symptoms of ovarian cysts. Get the cysts reexamined to check whether they have become bigger in size. Before undergoing for any invasive treatment, it is best to conduct proper medical checkup. A person having a smaller cyst is often recommended to wait before undergoing any medical surgery.

Doctors often prescribe over-the-counter birth control pills for people suffering from ovarian cysts as they are found to be highly effective in lowering the risks of developing new cysts and of ovarian cancer. A person suffering from ovarian cysts is recommended to try different types of birth control pills so that they can find the pill that works best in treating the cyst. Pills are effective in halting ovulation and as soon as the ovulation stops, the occurrence of cysts also stops. The hormones inside the pill help in stopping the cyst from becoming hazardous for the health.

The cysts can also be removed surgically by undergoing laparoscopy. Often doctors recommend lapratomy if there are huge masses of cyst found in the body. The cysts can also be taken out from the ovary by performing cystectomy that involves leaving only a single functioning ovary in place. If the cyst turns malignant, hysterectomy can be done to remove the cyst. However, this form of treatment is best suited for woman who is past the childbearing age as hysterectomy involves permanently disabling a woman’s ability to conceive. Removing the female reproductive organ from the body will also help it to get rid of its ability to produce cysts.

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