Various Skin Lightening Methods

Skin lightening is a method adopted to lighten or whiten your skin. It primarily is a cosmetic treatment that is becoming very popular these days. It involves lot of controversies though. It has to be performed very carefully too. A perfect example of someone who has undergone this kind of treatment is Michael Jackson. However in his case his skin’s pigmentation kept on lightening so much that he began to suffer from an allergy to sun. Besides him there are many personalities who have resorted to this treatment.

Most of the leading actresses and models have performed this treatment to whiten their skin. However, it is a known fact that such treatments involve usage of hydroquinone, a drug that has now been banned in Europe and is strictly prescribed by medical practitioners only for typical skin treatments. The drug has active ingredients that are harmful to the skin in the long run. Hence, there is an increasing demand for products that are skin lightening but are naturally found or compose natural products.

You can come across such products on television and radio advertisements, also you can find them being displayed on hoardings etc. Super skin lightener was one of those initial products launched in the market in Japan. Fair and lovely is another popular brand that has been very successful since long time. In developing countries banned chemicals still find their use in lightening products. They can also be used to cover up dead skin, moles, dark pigmented areas, birthmarks etc.

In case of uneven coloration skin lightening brings evenness in the coloration of skin. This treatment not only lightens your face or skin in other areas but also your genitals. The darkening of your genitals can also be reduced by the skin lightening products. Generally the pigment called as melanin is responsible for the darkening of skin. Melanocytes produce melanin and the enzyme tyrosinase creates the color of the skin etc. The irregularity of the cells to produce melanin causes skin discoloration. You can control this by a balanced diet or by reduced exposure to direct sun or UV rays. In the market one can find different types of sunscreen lotions, sun blocks and creams with varying UV protection factors. These control the darkening of skin but do not lighten the skin. This option is more convenient and safe compared to chemical treatments to lighten the skin. However, the best option is to combine both the treatments as mentioned above.