Top 10 Ingredients Used in Cakes Recipes

Finally, I am writing a basic topic about cakes after a few casual articles on baking cakes. This topic is strictly for beginners who do not know how to bake cake at all. The following list below will explore all the ingredients that are frequently used in any baking cakes process. By reading this article, baking beginners would be able to identify the commonly used ingredients. Of course, these ingredients can be easily found in the supermarkets.

Ingredient 1- Flour

Flour is the main ingredient in a cake. There is variety of flours used during making cake. Most of the cake recipes recommended the use of plain flour. Sometimes using plain flour may not be able allow the cake rise properly. That is why certain cakes recipes suggested the use of baking powder or soda bicarbonate, that allows the forming of bubble in the cake batter, hence enable the cake to rise easily. There are also other types of flours in the market such as sponge mix flour, cake flour, self-raising flour and so on, each serving their own purpose.

Ingredient 2- Eggs

Eggs are normally separated between yolks and egg whites, and then beaten separately together with sugar. Egg whites will have to be beaten until they are fluffy. Always use fresh eggs from farms to ensure the egg whites can turn fluffy easily when beaten.

Ingredient 3- Sugar

Sugar itself has different varieties. Mostly we use caster sugar that is widely found in supermarkets. Icing sugar on the other hand is used to make butter icing for cake filling. For those who are more health conscious, we can opt to use raw sugar or brown sugar.

Ingredient 4- Butter

You may also be aware that there is generally two types of butter, salted and unsalted. You may need to make sure to use the right type.

Ingredient 5- Vanilla essence

Vanilla essence is normally sold in bottles. We can also use the real vanilla stick to give a natural vanilla taste. Typical quantity that is used is around 1 teaspoon.

Ingredient 6- Chocolate

There are many types of chocolate. Typical chocolate used is dark chocolate or cooking chocolate. There is also white chocolate that is normally used in creating color contrast in the cake. Chocolate is also used to decorate the cake and make the cake more appetizing.

Ingredient 7- Fresh Cream

Fresh cream is used when making cake filling. Fresh cream will have to be whipped using beater until it is fluffy before it is blended with preferred flavoring ingredients such as chocolate or coffee.

Ingredient 8- Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is the main ingredient used for making most of the cheese cakes out there. The cream cheese is normally creamed together with caster sugar until the mixture is light before adding into the egg batter. 

Ingredient 9- Milk

Milk is also used widely in baking cake process, giving a strong milky aroma when the cake comes out from oven.

Ingredient 10- Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is normally added into cake batter to add some moisture to the texture of the cake so that it is not too dry. It is added in small quantity, else the cake will be become too moist and too oily.