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TIGI Color’s superior technology is what truthfully places TIGI Color on top of the rest. The P dot technology (Penetration Delayed Oxidation Technology) makes sure that your hair color outcome is rich, long-lasting, reflective, vibrant, and uniform. When TIGI hair colours approaches to inventive hair coloring, it offers you superiority and outcome that cannot be reached by any other color line. Despite the fact that it gets cut throat competition from other brands, the hair colour starts to work prior to even when applied on the hair, resulting in unhealthy and lackluster hair. It’s our fortune that TIGI Color has the knowledge and experience to guarantee that the hair coloring offers you wonderful hair colors. With its knowledge and technology, TIGI Color makes certain you find stunning hair colors, hale and healthy hair each time.

TIGI Hair Colors has just what you desire. Basically choose which kind expresses you best and TIGI Color modifies completely to your approach. Whether its glamorous manner for your fashions plane, a combination of numerous lively shades to reproduce your edgy street intellect of fashion or striking typical shades for sophisticated elegance, TIGI Color actually has everything.

TIGI has a broad range of products that are fit for all your color needs. It provides endless potential with a range of tools and shades that has never been so simple.

TIGI’s True Light: Clear, gorgeous, crispy highlights or that finished fair-haired bombshell appearance. While caring hair’s reliability, it delivers flawless and fast results.

Radiant Gloss: It provides immediate shine and appeal that is capable of 20 washes. It is the ideal pick me-up for hair.

TIGI Color’s Creative: It is appealing delivering gorgeous permanent fallout on hair in any color. Grey hair is able to still get filled and gives an intense coverage.

TIGI’s products comprise a collection of fragrances and components to make sure you benefit from having your hair colored: Firstly, it soothes your scalp and Chamomile quiets. Secondly, Amino Acids keep your hair hydrated and nurtured. Third, sugar crystals bring passionate gloss-appeal and high shine.

TIGI’s Hair Color is 100% PPD Free. Nearly all hair colors on the marketplace contains PPD (paraphenylenediamine), which can cause allergic effect when they get in touch with the scalp. TIGI Hair Color not only payback the splendor of your hair coloration understanding but keeps your scalp sense superior in more customs than one.