Three Simple Ways to Get Rid Of Under Eye Circles

February 28, 2023 by No Comments

If you’re plagued with dark under eye circles, you aren’t alone. These blue or black smudges beneath the surface of the skin around your eyes can visually age you and give the impression that you’re tired even after a good night’s sleep.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

The causes of under eye circles include heredity, lack of sleep or overindulging in alcohol or sugary foods, and the presence of broken capillaries close to the surface of your skin. In some people, the fine web of capillaries beneath the eyes are unusually close to the surface or leak small amounts of blood into the surrounding area. As the body oxidizes this blood, it turns dark, much like a bruise.

If you have occasional dark circles due to overindulgence, you can probably get away with simply covering them up with properly applied makeup. If they are hereditary, however, you may want to try some more effective, long-term treatments.

Cosmetic Cover-Up For Under Eye Circles

If you have an important meeting or social event and want to cover up dark circles, take the time to follow the simple steps below to conceal them:

1. Apply a concealer that has a slightly green tone or yellow base to the area beneath your eyes, gently tapping the concealer and blending the edges out. It will leave the area looking slightly green or yellow, but you’ll remedy this in the next step.

2. Use a makeup sponge to apply your regular foundation over the same area. Gently sweep the concealer from the center out, blending the foundation over the concealer.

3. Apply a light dusting of finely milled, loose face powder over the entire face to set your makeup and give it a soft finish.

4. If you like, you can add a light diffusing eye cream to your routine, applying it after the concealer but before your foundation. The light refracting particles will bounce light back, minimizing the effect of dark circles.

Home Remedies For Under Eye Circles

If you have dark circles under eyes fairly frequently, you may want to add a few steps to your skin care routine, particularly if they are often accompanied by puffiness. Placing cold, wet tea bags over your closed eyes is very therapeutic and takes only ten minutes. Relax and unwind while the tannins in the tea shrink broken capillaries and minimize puffiness. Chilled cucumber slices can also do the trick. When you’re done, lightly pat the nourishing cucumber juice into your skin for added hydration. The results can last 12-24 hours.

Skin Care Products to Diminish Or Eliminate Under Eye Circles

For the most effective treatment, consider investing in a top quality skin care product that targets dark circles under eyes. These contain botanical ingredients that boost collagen levels, improve the microcirculation beneath the surface of the skin, and keep skin hydrated and supple. For the best results, look for products that are backed by the research of a licensed dermatologist.

The years of research and development that have gone into skin care products for the eyes make them especially effective, giving you short term as well as long term results you’ll see in the mirror every day.