The Truth About Mike Geary

April 15, 2023 by No Comments

If you’ve spent any time at all doing research online about fitness, fat loss, and specifically, how to lose belly fat and get ripped, six pack abs, then you probably know who Mike Geary is, or at least heard the name. Mike is the author of “Truth About Abs”, which is a best selling fitness training program that promises to deliver six pack abs if you apply what it teaches. But more about that later.

I want to focus on the author more so than his written work, for the moment. In other words, who is Mike Geary? What is his background, credentials, his qualifications for claiming to know the secrets to fitness, belly fat loss, and a rippling physique?

Mike got his Bachelors of Science degree from the Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania (although oddly, I have not yet found a reference to what his major was.) He is certified as both a personal trainer, and a nutrition specialist, and has been for 15 or more years at this point. He spends *a lot* of time in the gym doing his own workouts and helping others with theirs, so he definitely “walks the walk”, no question about it.

There are photos and videos published online of Mike without his shirt on – there’s no disputing that whatever it is he does, it works, because his six pack abs are not the only muscle group that he’s managed to get ripped. You can plainly see this guy’s chest, shoulders, and especially noticeable, his triceps, are obviously well formed. So, maybe the only question about his credentials and the effectiveness of his training materials is, does he preach what he practices (not the other way around – that’s an obvious yes) i.e. does he reveal the secrets of his own personal fitness success? Again, back to that later.

To be 100% honest, I have exchanged several emails and phone calls with Mike Geary, and met him personally. Besides whatever his resume and published online content may say, I have been able to get a real sense of Mike’s personality and character through our recent interactions, so my perspective here is not just “academic” based on reading about him, it’s personal to a degree.

Surprisingly, and Mike may not appreciate me publicizing this (sorry bro!) but if there is a word I would describe him as, it would be “introverted” to some degree. Not at all meant as a put down, but for a guy that is so successful, with his own personal fitness, his career as a trainer, and as an influential author with several best selling publications out there – he just comes off a lot more “quiet” then I would have expected. I actually think that speaks volumes for who he is, because in my book, the man has *a lot* to brag about, and to be cocky about if he wanted to, yet he doesn’t. That’s just not him. He’s a “man of few words” in a sense, just a straightforward stand-up type of guy.

So to put things in perspective, and given what I know of him both on paper, and in person, there really is only one likely answer to the question I posed above. Does his training material really offer the high impact results that he has attained for himself? Does he reveal the real secret to his success? Based on what we have discussed so far, and what my gut tells me after getting to know him, the answer would be “yes, of course.”

Going one step further though, besides everything I know, that is, the truth about Mike Geary as it were – I also own a copy of “Truth About Abs”, have read it thoroughly and apply it in my own fitness regimen. And here again, from personal experience and knowledge, not speculation or guessing, I can tell you the answer to that question is a resounding “yes!” This guy knows his stuff when it comes to fitness, fat loss, and over all health, and he doesn’t hold anything back.