The Baby’s Skin in Winter

April 27, 2023 by No Comments

Our skin is very important for our body, playing a lot of roles, including regulating the temperature of our body and protecting us from the external factors which can mess up our health. Before giving birth, the mother is the one who takes care of the baby’s skin, but when they are born, their skin has to learn how to function on its own.

A baby is born with their skin completely developed, just like a barrier between them and the outside world. This usually happens with the babies who are born when due. However, there are also certain portions of the skin which are not fully developed. Also, they may not be able to sweat like grown-ups, their glands not being fully developed either. Therefore, they can get blocked at any time. Also, the pigmentation is not quite the right one until they turn six months. This is actually the age when a lot of changes occur in a baby’s body ad this doesn’t have to do only with the skin. Babies are not exposed to bacteria before being born, which means that they are very sensitive when they get out of their mother’s uterus. Their skin can be colonized by bacteria, which is why mothers should take all the necessary measures in this direction.

According to specialists, the babies who are born in winter are the most exposed ones to having a dry skin and their sweating glands are also not fully developed. The forms of eruption can be associated with red skin, with itches and with possible pigmentations of their skin. It is difficult for parents to take care of their babies’ skin. However, they can ensure their health by arranging an environment where they are not exposed to allergies or to bacteria. You should avoid perfumes if you want your baby to be healthy and you should also avoid conservatives and washing them excessively. Also, you should always make sure that your baby’s skin is fully hydrated. There are a lot of creams and lotions which are specially conceived for this kind of situations and for babies who have dry skin. Get used to applying some lotion on their body every time they get out of the house, so that their skin doesn’t break. There are a lot of doctors who don’t recommend that this kind of products are not used before the baby is one month old.

Soap and dry water dry your baby’s skin, so you shouldn’t wash them too often, at least not during the winter. Also, you shouldn’t allow them to stay in the bathroom too long and you should wrap them in a blanket or something when you take them out of the bath tub. Wipe their skin without rubbing it and apply some cream or some lotion to protect their skin. This is one of the safest ways of washing your baby during the winter, which means that there is nothing harmful about this procedure and your baby’s skin is never at risk.