Nutrisystem Diet Plan

January 24, 2023 by No Comments

Started in 1972, the Nutrisystem Diet Plan has had a major overhaul over the years. The plan today consists of endorsing low fat, good carbs, healthy protein, and high fiber meals that are ready to cook when you get them. An easy, convenient way for dieters who don’t want the hassle of worrying about what to eat and how much to eat, the Nutrisystem Diet plan provides ready to cook and eat meals that cook in the microwave. The dieter can pick and choose what they want to eat and the meals are delivered to their door and costs of about $280-$310 per month.

The Nutrisystem Diet plan is based on the idea of curbing cravings and gratifying your hunger on fewer calories by eating high fiber, low fat foods with just the right amount of lean protein. Men are on a 1500 calorie daily diet while women are on a 1200 calorie daily diet.

Although this is a great way to get a jump start on obtaining the weight that is best for the dieters, experts are concerned that once off the diet plan the consumers may fall back into old eating habits. By being on the Nutrisystem Diet plan the consumer doesn’t have to think about portion size or what they are eating as it comes prepackaged in just that way. Dieters usually stay on the plan for about 10-11 weeks and once their goal weight is reached go off of the plan. They do have the ability to learn how to eat the correct portion size and eat the right foods while on the diet but once off the diet, if not learned, can fall off the band wagon.

The one thing this program does not set the users up to do once off the diet is shop for food and prepare food that is healthy to continue to lose and maintain weight on. It is suggested to start to change slowly over to preparing your own meals from the plan to your own preparation of staying on a calorie based diet with all the benefits that the prepackaged meals offer.

The Nutrisystem Diet plan consists of monthly meals to make up 28 days at a time. There are other food costs other then the prepackaged meals you receive such as buying fruits and vegetables to go with them. So the plan can be expensive to maintain. There are some limitations such as absolutely no alcohol and not eating out that often. The eating plan is strict and the time to commit to the plan is very low so it is easy to follow. There are fitness regimes to follow in order for the plan to be most effective and along with the program comes fitness plans that are appropriate depending on how far into the program you are.

Like all diet plans consult with your physician to make sure that there is nothing health wise that may prevent you from following the Nutrisystem Diet plan. Make sure that your body is physically well fit to begin the exercise regimes laid out for you in this plan and make a commitment to follow through and learn how to maintain the lifestyle after the plan is completed. The Hoodia Diet works well along with the Nutrisystem Diet in increasing the bodies metabolic rate. Hoodia is a plant that grows in the African desert and has many anti-oxidant properties, it also makes the body more efficient in burning fat. Therefore, it is recommended to take Hoodia supplements along with the Nutrisystem diet which you can get at the Hoodia Diet Plan [ online portal.