Multivitamin Nutrition

We’re in trouble. Big trouble. Our food is killing us! Heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes… these are our biggest death-dealers! Why? Just think of our staples: Burgers, fries, pizza, chips, hot dogs, candy, soda, coffee, desserts, energy drinks, beer… Do we REALLY need to ask why?

So what do we do about it? How realistic is it to expect a massive dietary shift? We’re literally addicted to junk! The answer is supplementation.

Multivitamin Nutrition is powerful, focused nutrition. With our food becoming more and more chemical-laden and nutritionally devoid, supplementation is becoming increasingly necessary! Taking a healthy, all-natural multivitamin supplement is by far the best way to give your body the much needed nutrition its been cheated out of via industrialization and poor dietary choices.

A good whole-food multivitamin supplement will combat the chemicals we ingest on a daily basis. They will neutralize acidity in the bloodstream. They will support our immune systems. They’ll give us a fighting chance. And who knows? They may even give us some welcome energy and mood boosts!

In the quest for optimal nutrition, supplementation simply cannot be overlooked. Any good multivitamin supplement will contain the following:

  • Whole-food Vitamins
  • Chelated Minerals
  • Probiotics
  • Phytonutrients
  • Amino Acids
  • Antioxidants

The difference between a whole-food multivitamin and one of a synthetic nature is vast. Your typical, over-the-counter drugstore multivitamins are made in a lab. They’re basically comprised of crushed up rocks and are unrecognized by your body. In fact, your body doesn’t welcome them at all, hence the “vitamin burps” and “fluorescent pee” many of us experience after taking this type of supplement.

If a synthetic multivitamin doesn’t tear up your sensitive capillaries, blood cells, and tissues (crushed up rock… hello!), it will typically just end up as expensive urine!

Natural, whole-food vitamins are easily recognized, assimilated, and used (what a concept) by your nutritionally starved body, and I tell ya, the benefits are immediate! Bright eyes, clear skin, supreme energy, amazing mental clarity, and an overall sense of happiness and well-being result from you taking the time to FEED yourself. Multivitamin nutrition is the answer!

When shopping for a healthy, whole-food multivitamin supplement, DRIVE PAST THE DRUGSTORE! They don’t have what you want, I promise you. Your local health food store is a much better option. Look for a multi that meets all the criteria listed above.

I also recommend that while you’re at the health food store, you pick up a canister of a super greens powder. You simply mix it with water and drink. It will alkalize your blood, cleanse your body, give you an extra energy boost, and take your supplementation to the next level.