Masterjee: Indian Astologer to the Celebs

HE is one of the world’s greatest astrologers, with the rich and famous using his eerily accurate predictions to gain a glimpse into their own futures.

Indian guru Masterjee has spent decades using his astonishing talents to give lifestyle guidance to thousands of people. Demi Moore and Goldie Hawn are just two of the Hollywood stars who regularly fly to the sunshine paradise of Goa to seek his advice.

Masterjee – his real name is Pralhad Brndurao Hulyalkar – has spent a lifetime developing his astrology skills. He is in huge demand. “Goldie Hawn comes to India to see him regularly, and she also keeps in touch by e-mail”, says a colleague. “She’s found that his accuracy is incredible. He helps to guide her life.”

Masterjee, who is 81, has studied Eastern astrology for most of his life. He trained to be a lawyer before moving into teaching, where he really discovered his talent for predicting the future.

“Really, it’s all about calculating the position of the planets at the exact moment someone was born”, he explains. “In that sense, it’s science – it’s applied mathematics. But you also have to have the power to see beyond the calculations. You learn that with experience and with meditation – that’s the psychic bit.”

Masterjee uses the 5000-year-old Indian method of astrology, which is different to that found and used in the west. “In the west, the equinox changes on the 21st or 22nd of every month – the date you move from one star sign to the next”, he explains.

“In India, it’s different. The equinox changes on the 14th or 15th of the month. That means you might be a different star sign here. We also depend on the constellations.

“In the west, astrologers use the sun as a starting point, which they consider a constellation. We don’t – we see it as a planet for calculating purposes. Instead, we use a blue star behind the sun we call Xotium as the starting point.”

Masterjee says that the Eastern calculations for astrology tend to be more detailed and accurate than those used in the west. “We can predict, for instance, how long someone will be sick for, how their bodies will perform, and which remedies will be most useful. A lot of research is being done on this in the west, but we already know the answers.”

It is possible to use the system to predict events, he adds. “But I don’t do that. I’m more interested in helping individual people.”

Masterjee consults from his own offices in the five-star luxury Fort Aguada Beach Resort complex in north Goa. He may be in huge demand from world famous celebrities, but anyone can drop in and visit him and obtain a prediction for a highly reasonable price.

His accuracy is uncanny. I give him my date and place of birth and he starts his calculations, doodling on a grid. He tells me that I’m a Scorpio in the west but, because of the equinox difference, in India I’m a Libra.

Within seconds – and without asking any questions – he tells me I’m a writer, that I suffer from back prblems, that I’m affectionate and sensitive. All true. He reveals other personal details no-one could possibly know such as the fact that I have diabetes and am mother to one son. It’s hugely impressive.

“I can tell the future for up to 30 years ahead”, he adds. So what’s his own future? “I love this work and will carry on as long as I can. The stars say I won’t have any sickness and I’ll live until I’m 92 or 93. I’m happy with that – though my own father lived until he was 98!”