Less is More

July 16, 2022 by No Comments

Prepare yourself to let go of any kind of accessories, embellishments or any kind of decoration and always remember those well recognized words: less is more. Monochromatic design is essential in this simple but elegant trend, in front of prints or acid colors, there will always be pieces made for one color alone to stand out, with the objective of reining the attention over cuts and shapes, allowing a perfect equilibrium.

Albert Einstein had already declared that everything should be made the simplest way possible. It was a philosophy that was translated to every art form that existed, especially in architecture during the 60’s. American trendsetters like Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Michael Kors adopted this fashion forward philosophy in the fashion industry in the 90’s after surviving the eccentric elements of 80’s fashion. Its magnificent result was a subtle, pure, neutral, sober color palette with basic geometric shapes and natural textures; in other words, it was a representation of our essential outfit of nature with black and white as the trend’s favorite color combination. Beige and Gray are also highly used for combining minimalist outfits.

This style was a synonym of elegance in the 90’s and was a favorite among New Yorker women thanks to its color sobriety and use of color allowing a passionate and intimate relationship with a trend, which represented a renovated attitude for every woman. Today, it is reinvented with the same revolutionary spirit as before. Its most distinguishing collections are composed of exquisite pieces that flirt with a sportier casual style, made with modern fabrics like silk, cotton and linen where black, blue, and white fight for stardom in front row.

Baggy chino pants that can seem somewhat masculine, white blouses, jeans, cotton basic color t-shirts and blazers, can be categorized as the basic, most important representations of minimalism. In the 90’s, Calvin Klein was loyal to this trend, launching the career of today’s icon, Kate Moss, as his muse during this golden age. Kate was a symbol of minimalism, without makeup, hair messed up, jeans, and simple shirts, always beautiful as natural as any woman can look.

With the ups and downs of Fashion today, no designer should be afraid of minimalist fashion; making clean simple lines out of the already ornamented ones can be a riskier position than it might sound, but the crowds are ready for a change and this Fall Winter season it will be the “in” style for Men and Women. Wearing head to toe of the same color allowing a pure, cleaner you will result in a more confident person too, the key for distinction can be in the mix of fabrics, for example, wear a knit sweater with corduroy pants for a night out, while a cotton shirt with jeans will do for an afternoon date. A dark suit, dark color shirt and a tie of the same color are known as the perfect combination for the most achieved elegance in minimalism.